Yamaha FG-340 Value?

Posted by K Szafran on Mon, 06/16/03 - 10:38:30.

I have had this guitar for about 15 years. It was bought used so I don't know how old it is. I was wondering if anyone knows the value of it? Any other info would also be helpful. Thanks!

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Re: Yamaha FG-340 Value?

: I have had this guitar for about 15 years. It was bought used so I don't know how old it is. I was wondering if anyone knows the value of it? Any other info would also be helpful. Thanks!

: I have a FG340 and they were several different models made. My particular model is a FG-340II. They were made from 1978-1981 the original MSRP was $214. Spruce top, Mahogany back and sides, and a Nato Indian Rosewood neck and fingerboard. My guitar the FG-340II is valued for resalr by Yamaha @ $299. I hope I was helpful if not sorry to waste your time.

Re: Yamaha FG-340 Value?

: : I have had this guitar for about 15 years. It was bought used so I don't know how old it is. I was wondering if anyone knows the value of it? Any other info would also be helpful. Thanks!

: : I have a FG340 and they were several different models made. My particular model is a FG-340II. They were made from 1978-1981 the original MSRP was $214. Spruce top, Mahogany back and sides, and a Nato Indian Rosewood neck and fingerboard. My guitar the FG-340II is valued for resalr by Yamaha @ $299. I hope I was helpful if not sorry to waste your time.

my name is Antonio from paris, i have a FG 340 from 4 years, i boot this guitare in a used guitare shop, second hand guitare etc..; i boot for 180 euros around 175 dollars, im very happy of the cuality and the looking, its beautiful guitare and i got here for e very god price, if one day i sale here its not for less than 1500 dolars.

Re: Yamaha FG-340 Value?

Hi,i'm an italian boy,my name is mauro,well i've got YAMAHA FG340 and it has my age,23 years,but i think that it was in shops about end of 70 years.
It's a great guitar,the sound it's great! specially with bronze chords Daddario 0.9,i think that i'll never sell that guitar.

Re: Yamaha FG-340 Value?

Check ou al the reviews of this at:

most of them has the price paid and how long they have owned the guitar. Average score 9.5 out of 10 BTW ....

I have had this guitar for 19 years now. I want to treat myself to a new acc for the big '40' and have found myself looking at guitars over 800GBP to get something that to my mind is an improvement in tone and clarity, The fact you can pick these things up for circa 1-200 GBP makes them a bargain.

Re: Yamaha FG-340 Value?

:An ex-girlfriend bought me my FG340 about 22 years ago. Its a lovely instrument that I value dearly. If my house was burning down after my wife and kids I would rescue it next! An FG 340 has just been sold on ebay for £175 ... a bargain if ever there was one. Personally I would never even consider selling mine.

Re: Yamaha FG-340 Value?

I was just looking at my guitar its a fg 340 ii I was wondering the same thing how much is thi sthing worth I have a number of guitars ranging from ovations to a carvin and I always find my self saving the "good strings" for my yamaha I will never part with this guitar unless well maybe I have a child some day and they will enjoy music and most of all this guitar as much as I do then I'll think about it .... by the way where is the date stamp located and do series ii have one ?

Re: Yamaha FG-340 Value?

: I bought my FG-340ii in 1984 in New Jeresy when I spent a year in NJ on business. I was admiring my guitar from the couch today and saw how beautiful it is, and how it is the guitar I choose to pickup whenever I want to just plink around. This instrument has given me 20+ years of ultimate enjoyment, and I would never consider letting it go!!

Yamaha FG340II

I bought my FG340II from a youth pastor of a local church in 1994. Like you, I admire its beauty every single day. With a lush low end, amazing resonance and smooth action, this guitar is my baby. My wife once "authorized" the spending of $500 to buy a new guitar. After weeks of shopping and playing a lot of nice guitars, I gave up. There was nothing I found that measured up. I'll probably leave it to my oldest son. I know he's been waiting for me to die so he can have it!

Re: Yamaha FG-340 Value?

I bought my FG340II from a pawn shop for 75 dollars. They even threw in a Gibson hard shell case for it. That was more than 20 years ago. I saw one on E-bay for a thousand bucks. I have D-28 Martin and a DY73 Yairi Alvarez. I love my Yamaha and play it a lot more than the others. In fact, it holds its own against the Martin in terms of tone and strength. The Yairi is a little brighter but buck for buck, I love my Yamaha.

Yamaha fg 340

I have a Yamaha FG-340 which was inherited from my dad, so it probably has now 30 years.... it is amazing how it still remains in perfect conditions of look and sound... the sound is very bright and better with good chords. As many people in this forum, I think I would never sell my guitar..

340ll Yamaha

I bought my 340ll 35yrs ago brand new still sounds great

yamaha FG340 guitar.

I have had my yamaha fg340 for 26 years. It was given to me. I have had other acoustic guitars but none have given me the satisfaction my yamaha has. I could never sell it. It's still a beauty and it sounds great.

Yamaha FG340

I have had mine since about 1982 and love it to bits. I also have an Ovation but the good old Yamaha does it for me every time. Replacing it would cost about £750 I reckon but that is never going to be an option . You can pick them up for under £200 now - great bargain. A hidden gem !

The legendary Yamaha FG 340

I own both the FG 340 and FG 34011 and find it hard to pick a winner tonally. The FG 340 was originally crafted in Japan and subsequently got drafted to Taiwan under the same product code. There is certainly something special lurking within these babies and, given they are both of a laminate construction, I`m inclined to think the ansawer lies in the resins used to bind the veneers.
As to the value, I bought the 340 for £250 on ebay and picked up the 340 11 for a drop dead £59.95 from Cash Converters. I do love a bargain.

Yamaha FG 340A

hi, i just bought an FG 340A here in australia and i'm in the process of bringing it back to it's former glory.
does anyone know what the (A) stands for in the model number.
i believe it's a late 80's model made in Taiwan according the previous original owner.
i also have an FG 345 which has been my favorite guitar for over 20 years.

Yamaha FG 340

Salut je viens de retrouver une yamaha FG 340, ça été ma premiére guitare dans les années 80 que j'ai regretté d'avoir vendue à l'époque .Et bien ma première impression est plus que positive car elle chante joyeusement et je suis surpris par cette guitare qui n'a pas à rougir devant mes Martin HD 35 et D1 pour du stratifié c'est époustouflant ! . Par contre j'ai un numéro de série 1266478 donc à 7 chiffres et sur les différents sites de datation pas moyen de trouver l'année ! si quelqu'un a une idée j'en serais ravi.

FG 340

I have a FG 350 it has a deep base sound i have it 20 years and it was giving to me by my sister when i lived in the states
it has seen a lot of get together,s and anyone who plays this baby says it has a great sound so it must im getting a semi acustic
for a change its a yamaha to but will i lose the sound ill have to wait and see.....


I bought mine fg-340II few months ago from local auction here in Finland. Paid 70€ (about 80$) which i think is a bargain. I own too Yamaha LL6 and i can tell you that fg is REALLY amazing sounding instrument. Mine is made in april 1983. Little bulking behind bridge, so i did change the bridge plate and refitted bridge(pita job i can tell you) Now Action @ 12-fret is low-e 3/32 and high-e 2/32 with straight as an arrow neck. Very easy playing guitar. Think i'll never sell it!

fg 340

i have had my 340 about 7 years it was and still is my favorite guitar. im verry happy with the sound quality and tuning on. very nice guitar


I purchased my Yamaha FG-340 new in 1979 for $200. It was played constantly, seriously never leaving my hands. It shows some battle scars now but it still feels and sounds as beautiful and resonating as it did 34 years ago. It is still my favorite 6-string acoustic and it’s big brother, my Yamaha FG-512 is my favorite 12-string acoustic (also 34 years old). They are both old friends that never let me down. I don’t care if their value is $5 or $5,000. They are both precious to me and will never be sold until I’m gone. No, wait, I think I’ll take them with me.

FG-340 II

I purchased mine new in July of 1983. I believe I paid all of $120 for it. I was taking guitar lessons at the time, and my teacher wanted me to learn on an acoustic. This was my first new instrument; I'd been "borrowing" my older brother's electric prior to this. This guitar is coming up on 30 years old now. It's seen a lot of playing, but honestly, I don't think it looks any more worn than it did in the first year I owned it. The wood and finish have darkened/goldened some, but that's something to be expected, and quite honestly I like it. When it was brand new, the top was so light it was almost white. It has aged to a beautiful amber color. The only modifications I have made to the instrument over the years have been the addition of a Fishman Acoustic Matrix Natural I piezo pickup under the bridge saddle, and later on I also added the Fishman VTB volume and tone controls. I have had several instances over the years where I needed to amplify, and microphones just don't do it for me. Both modifications have added to the instrument, and when not in use, don't affect it at all. Overall, this has been a wonderful guitar. Best $120 I've ever spent.

Yamaha fg-340ii

Like most of you, I love this box! Bought new in 1985with hard case for 300bucks Canadian, I have played the heck outta this guitar...pit is brighter and deeper sounding than almost any other acoustic I have heard and is bullet
Proof...if you I can get one for anything under 300 buy it

Yamaha fg 340

Bought mine new in 79 also.
$200 I ever spent.Wz

yahama fg340

Bought mine New in 1981, played it for years, just love the tone, it's a good old friend will never be replaced still looks good and more importantly sounds brilliant.

Solid body back and sides yamaha acoustic fg340 11

Does anyone else have solid top, back and sides on there guitar also?

I bought my fg340 in 1978

I bought my fg340 in 1978 paid 175.00 for it.

Yamaha FG340

I bought this guitar second hand in 1979 - It was already a good few years old. When i checked the serial number it came back as having been made in Tawian in Feb. 1964. I have searched everywhere and can't find any reference to a 340 of this age, they all seem to be a product of the 80's and 90's Can anyone help?

1977 FG-340 Yamaha

This model was not made prior to 1976. The FG-340 II, was sold a few years after the run of FG-340s were done after noting the reception of the "now" no-longer made FG-340s (which also included other FG models).

Two types of FG-340s were made: one was a less compromising version with sold top and sides, carries a label saying made in Japan. The other more common version was made in Taiwan and has the "made in Taiwan" label. Unfortunately this has caused issues with serial numbers. Thus the model number and where it is was made tells you more than a serial number. Additionally I can find in my guitar three different serial numbers including the one one the label.

Hope this helps,


Yamaha SG 340 II

I bought my guitar in 1984 and have played it exclusively several times a week. This is definitely my favorite guitar that is very similar to a Martin D-18.

It needs a fret job and I've carved some significant dents in the fret board.

My only regret is that there is a pick guard on the guitar after playing it for 32 years. I could have carved a pretty big hole in the body just like Willie Nelson did with Trigger.

I live this guitar and will play it for the rest of my life.


yamaha FG-340 SERIAL NUMBER 81106159


Date of manufacture

yamaha FG-340 SERIAL NUMBER 81 10 6 159


81 is the year
10 is October
6 is the day in October It was made
159 is the number of the guitar


yamaha fg 340 question

I have seen a couple of different interpretations of the date of my FG340. I bought it somewhere between 1976 and 1978, new. It is made in Taiwan. Serial number on neck is 71029064. I bought it in New Haven, Ct if that makes a difference. I have seen two different interpretations, on was that this is from 1978 0ct 29, the other would be that it is (using above formula) It would be 1971, February 9, number 64. I am not sure when they started making these, but I thought it was after 1972. Thanks for your help.

yamaha guitar Fg-340 serial number B1106159

I am trying to find out when guitar was made ?

Yamaha fg340ll

My Dad just gave me his older yamaha FG-340ll
For my 39th birthday. I used to take guitar lessons on it in middle chool. Still sounds incredible. Been loving my G330-R Takamine, but this yamaha wins out on sound. Thinking about turning it into an acoustic / electric. Definitely holding on to it either way.r

owned since 1989

I bought my FG-340 secondhand in 1989 from a great guy named Bob Zatzman who had a cluttered, chaotic music store in Philadelphia. I think I paid $150 US for it back then. I didn’t know much about guitars then and only know a little more now, but I knew enough to appreciate that this guitar is better than the price or name on the headstock would imply.

It’s 41 years old now and I’ve had it for nearly 30 of those.

I will eventually part with it.

Just as soon as I die.

Yamaha FG 340T

I just purchased a Yamaha FG 340T but haven't been able to find out any info on it. It looks like there are 9 numbers to the Serial number so that has be a little confused on what I have read on some other sites. Can anyone give me some information on it? Year made, what the T stands for, tea or tint? value, any reviews? I believe that this is one fine guitar! I have played it along side 2 Martins and she definitely holds her own!

Yamaha FG-340 Second Hand Price Guide

Reverb has a guide to prices for the Yamaha FG-340 and they say the current prices range between $280 and $345.

Despite that, the one they currently have for sale is listed at $550.

You can see their price chart at reverb.com/price-guide/guide/1543-yamaha-fg-340-1977-1981-natural

Yamaha FG-340

Hi, I have a Yamaha FG-340 which I want to sell. Any idea of the value?

what year? Yamaha FG 340 ser# 1483280 Taiwan

What year? Yamaha FG 340
number on the block at base of neck:1483280
another number, at a brace for the top, just inside the sound hole: 90206075 Taiwan

Three-part back, center panel dark; truss rod adjust at the head. Serial number on the inside at the base of the neck. Oval label

reply by emsg, too, would be great. Thank you.

Yamaha FG340

The date of manufacture of your 340 according to the number on the brace:

9 1979
02 February
06 6 (six)
075 production no. for that day

1981 FG 340 Taiwan

Picked this one up at Cash Converters for $160. Initially was unsure about the purchase and walked away. Read the rave reviews on the FG 340 and was back the next morning to snap it up. Invested in a set of strings I immediately got what everyone who has this old model feels. For a laminate guitar it has a great bass and mid. Litlle light on the bright side but an amazing guitar which has really gone the distance. I can't ever see me parting with this old girl unless someone made me a crazy offer (up there with Martin or Taylor). Whatever magic Yamaha injected into this model seems to have been lost for all time. I have not come across any other dreadnought with the same properties at such a budget price. If you see one for sale in good condition grab yourself a bargain.

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