maison guitar

Posted by james on Mon, 06/30/03 - 10:16:41.

has anyone heard of Maison Guitars. I have been offered one to buy but i've never heard of them also i am due to view the guitar in a couple of days so any help would be grateful

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Re: maison guitar

I have a maison 5 string bass which I have used for 30 months. I bought as a used instrument and it served me well until a month ago when it just simply failed to work. I had it checked and I was told the pick ups have melted ~ very strange. Worse, I tried to get info from maison and the best I have so far is this posting. If you have another option please disregard the appeals of maison and go for an alternative. Look for a well known brand that you can easily get customer support from.
By the way, my guitar failed on the stage just before I was to perform.

In sum, Maison is good but you may not get help if it fails.

Re: maison guitar

: played one for several years. bought it in chinatown in bangkok for 200 bucks. best buy ever

Re: maison guitar

Yeah I heard of them, I just bought one from eBay, 5 string bass. Other than that I 've never heard of them

Bass Guitarist

Re: maison guitar

: has anyone heard of Maison Guitars. I have been offered one to buy but i've never heard of them also i am due to view the guitar in a couple of days so any help would be grateful

Re: maison guitar

i have one this guitar. she is very very good, but i also never heard nobody speaks her.
please, i would like someone suggests me some sites.

maison guitar site

Hi people! I want to find a home page of maison's electric guitar. Someone know, any?

Re: maison guitar

I used maison for about 15 years now. The bad things about it is it can't be played for a soft songs such as pop, jazz etc.
It was a real heavy shredder guitar, the pick up is noisy and heavy. The melody sound thin, so i had to replace it with dimarzio's paf pro (double humbucker) but for me, the whole guitar is very suitable. You can't get any screaming of an angry beast with other guitar but with maison simply do.

Re: maison guitar

Hi There, check out reveiws on Harmony Central for lots of info... Also maker website is:

Maison is a subsidiary of YooJin Industries. have fun folks!!

Re: maison guitar

I've had a white maison les paul copy for over 12 years now. I changed the pickups a few years ago to kent armstrong humbuckers, can't remeber the numbers. I've got coil tapping push/pull volume pots which together with the pickup selecter allows for a variety of sounds - coil tapped the bridge could take your head off while the neck pickup in humbucking mode with the treble backed of offers a jazzy tone.

Nice guitar - I like it.

Maison Guitar

A nice South Korean Guitar..I bought in 1995 in Indoneesia and still working fine.The quality of Gold plated Bridge is still OK , not fading nor corrosion..

maison guitar

hi can anyone help me i bought a maison electric guitar from a flea market in malaga spain . it is a strat copy all black in colour with 21 frets and on the neck plate it has maison and the no 950078 it is well made and plays very well i would like to know when it was made i know maison was taken over by yoojin who dont make strat copies thanks for any info steve

white maison electric

hi i have a white strat looking maison with the serial number 950794 i know its old atleast 15 yrs if not more, i got it as a present about 8 yrs ago from a friend, i have tried googling maison but theres nothing really showing for it, is it a cheap make of guitar or is she worth some money, any help wud be appreciated :)

maison with the serial number 950794

i have a maison with the serial number 950794 also, its over 20 years old, i am just wondering for a price i have showed it around an been told anywere from 500euro to 12,000 which wud be nice lol, but i doubt that, i dont know if it is an original or a copy, how can you tell and also i notice that over the years the prices for these guitars have shot up as there very rare guitars and also supposedly the best cheapest guitar with expensive finishes ever made, thats why its now worth some money... any help on this wud be great as i have looked all over the internet.... and this is the first time someone else has one with the same serial number :) lol

Cream Maison SG

Bought a Maison SG way back in the mid 90's. Still use her regularly. Have never seen a serial number though, and I have looked.

Anyhow... I love this guitar. The body is balanced, not neck heavy like some SG's I've played. 22 frets. The fret board allows for some smooth playing. I always loved the tone I got. Never changed the pickups from when I bought it. Used the neck pickup almost exclusively. Was running a Boss 'Metal Zone' pedal straight into a Peavy 120 watt 4-channel PA and onto a Marshall 4x12 bass cabinet. Sweetness.

Unfortunately, I've had to sell my equipment (I moved overseas and had no means to store it long term) but it never entered my thoughts to sell the Maison. The only fault I would mention is that the electronics on the Maison have decided to pretty much die on me in the last year. That being said, they have lasted at least 15 years without any issues (I'm now looking at putting a pair of EMGs in there and replacing all the wiring, volume & tone controls and pickup selector, a total overhaul basically).

Completely enjoy playing this guitar and hope to keep playing for many years to come. If you can find one that is relatively cheap and you enjoy playing it then go ahead and buy it.

maison guitars

Info on Maison guitars
Just google maison guitars wich is an informative website
Or look at wm guitars . com based in Dartington Devon uk where they have the largest collection of maison guitars in europe.
They do all the spares and run a technical helpline apraisels and valuations.
WM collectable guitars 43 huntersmoon Dartington 01803 868040 collection open to the public saturdays 9 oc to 22 oc or by appointment.

Maison EA310 Semi acoustic (Purple)

Hey guys, I’ve just bought this beautiful Electroacoustic Purple Maison guitar. It feels like playing a strat,- very smooth and flexible neck, the strings haven’t been played for a while(it looked so) but i felt quite the opposite right away. I have been really wondering, why there’s no information about this stuff, and please, if anyone knows more about EA310, don’t hesitate to write! Also, all sorts of info sources about maison guitars...share it!! :D

70/80´s Maison Guitars & 90´s Yoojin Maison´s

Maison brand started in Korea in the late 70´s and produced handmade amazing guitars till end of 80´s. Woods and finish is as good or better as any guitar with the same age even Fender and Gibson. They are by far better then any guitar made after 2000 because nowadays exotic woods are not allowed to import to the USA.
Late 80´s Maison Guitars closed and was bought by YOOJIN Cº and started to be produced in large series with not so good materials but some are great I have a Explorer from the 90´s and she is gr8, also have a red LP and red SG from the 80´s and 2 Stras red/white 2 Superstarts 2H & HSS , 1 sunburst LP and 1 red semi hollow (SAS335) + 1 Jazz Bass (JB290) from the 70´s .
Even with the same humbuckers diferent guitars sound diferent but all are gr8 players and guess what.... They stay tunned for months.
If you find a Maison for sale and the M have a long stripe in the middle (look M Maison showing a finger to Gibson) it´s 80´s BUY!
If the M is a bit longer on the left it´s 70´s (stiil it buying it)
If the M underline aison, it´s a 90´s (can be good if early 90´s test before you buy)
All other logos are crap, I never bought one.
I´m trying to find a SG with 70´s logo..... Have some?

Maison guitar logo with just a star above the 'I'

Hi there, iv found your post really interesteing as no one knows what you know about the dates and logos.

Iv got a Maison LP 160 , the logo is in roman type, no style to the letters just straight and square.

It sounds great but i cant date it.

Im not sure if i can add photos to this post so
You can email me on if you like a some photos or some photo webiste.

Any info or pointers would be greatly appreciated!


70/80´s Maison Guitars & 90´s Yoojin Maison´s

Hi, by the description of your logo if it looks like "MAISON" or Maison in times new roman style it is a 90´s guitar, i´ll send you an email, cheers

Hello, You seem


You seem knowledgeable from Maison guitars, so i hope you won't mind a question...i have a 335 copy, the logo is plain MAISON with a star above the I, it's a bolt on neck, has a small sticker on the plate that says SA620...any idea about the year it's been made and where has it been made?

Thank you,
Cheers :)

Maison FA-740D


I got this Maison Full Hollowbody FA-740D guitar from my uncle.
I tried to find the serial number but its nowhere to be found, do you know where usually the print it?

The logo is Maison with long stripe in the middle of the M. The pickups are dead.

Do you thinks its worth the effort to upgrade it with high quality pickups , like a SethLover maybe?

I would like to send you the picture to check it if you dont mind



Hi, your guitar is from the 80´s , are you sure the humbuckers are dead or is it the pots or the welding? It´s a USD$450.00 guitar . I hope it helps cheers

Electroacoustic Maison

Hi there! I have a red electroacoustic Maison. I’m not very expert. The inside label says: Handcrafted Quality Model No. EAR410SRD. I bought it in the 90’s. What’s your opinion? Do you know how much can I Get?


hi there can u tell me that which type ( year ) of maison i have ? anyway this is my email to send pics and stuff :
hope you see my comment

I've a Maison acoustic

I've a Maison acoustic guitar W770 & been using it for decades and how much it cost now.


Maison Bass

Hi, I've recently bought a black Maison PB style Bass (just like this one) in a thrift store in Spain for 60€ (66$) The pickups are a bit rusty but it works like a charm and sounds surprisingly well. Probably I´ll end up using it on gigs. The serial number on the backplate reads 902885 and the logo is ''Maison'' with an elongated middle stick on the M. Does anyone knows something about it? Age? Was it a good buy?


1970´s or 1980`s

Hi, the bass from your link is a 70´s the bass from your description witk long middle M is 80´s, It´s a very good instrument you should keep ot, cheers

HI, That sounds cool, any

HI, That sounds cool, any idea of what is worth?

Maison stratocaster

Hi everybody i have stratocaster maison ist S S H serial 961985 can anyone know this guitar and specs

Maison Superstrat with Yamaha neckjoint

Hi all,

I'm looking to buy a HSS Maison in my area and, since you seem like the most knowledgeable bunch about Maisons on the web, so I thought I'd bother you for some insights on this strange beast.

The seller knows very little about the guitar, but it's a HSS Maison (probably not very good, based on RUIMSTS logo descriptions) that looks a bit like a Jackson, with a floating bridge and gold plated hardware. The fretboard inlays are unlike anything I've ever seen - I'd describe them as sharkfins, but they're not parallel - like the shark moved from inlay to inlay.

The most curious thing, however, is the neck joint. It has one of those split neckplates, like in the old MIJ Yamahas RGXs - the "Super Playability Joint System"). I have no way of knowing if it's original or if dealing with a Frankenaxe.

Would you mind taking a look at the photos and see what you can make of it?

Thank you all!

80's lpc190


I got a Maison les paul "black beauty"

electronics are worn, so I think I'll give this guitar a revamp. (bought it in 1998 second hand for around 375 euros)

What pickups would be best ?

kind regards,

Maison Lpc 190

Hey! Bought a surprisingly great Maison Les Paul copy from late 80's, black beauty, set neck, amazing playability, sustain and balance! Just put a pair of Seymour Duncan (sh1-sh4) on it, to replace the little weaker stock pickups, and it's a blast. Litteraly make my Gibson Les Paul Tribute 2011 sound like a toy guitar. Maison is heavier, has a better balance, ultra long sustain, better finish, fingerboard is fine rosewood (and not crappy roasted I don't know what) original tuners work well... Definitely a keeper!

maison info



Hi to all!!

I was checking if there was + info about a bass that came to my hands through a trade past year. I wanted to find out the year, RUIMSTS gave us some nice info, thanks for that!! Mine is from the 80's, with a long finger in the middle :) but one thing that i've realize, all your serial numbers has 6 digits, i have 7! "9710058" why?

suspected maison pj bass

Hi there,I bought a pj bass that has been airbrushed, so no original markings were visible, but through extensive internet ting, I believe I found its match. Seems to be a Maison RB series. I can upload pics, but yeah, can anyone here tell me anything about it?


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