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Posted by Don Davis on Wed, 08/27/03 - 17:18:32.

I bought a used Lyle Guitar model#710 some ten years ago. Until I came upon this site today I did not have any idea of the origination of a Lyle Guitar.
It is very sturdy and seems to be well built.It is finished with a blond top and back with the sides in a tan finish.It is avery nice looking and has a very good sound.I do not have any idea the year of manufacture.
I sure appreciate the info I got from this site.

Don Davis

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Re: Lyle Guitar (Woops!)

Woops! Correction :

(from the serial -as far as I know),
should read:
(from the Model# -as far as I know).

Re: Lyle Guitar

Norlin was involved with Gibson Guitars from 1970-1984. Lyle Guitars were built in Japan from 1969 to
1980 by the Matsumoko company and were distributed in the US by L.D. Heater company of Portland, Oregon. Matsumoko did build some of the early 1970's Epiphone models.

the Lyle contract stated that only Gibson licensed guitars were to be built under the Lyle name. This means that "no" Lyle guitar can be considered a lawsuit, so if someone says they are selling a lawsuit Gibson and it is a Lyle, then it is a properly licensed guitar. The model numbers should correspond with the Gibson model numbers.

The 7 or 8 digit serial number can be decifered for year or manufacture, but I do not have those details.

Re: Lyle Guitar

I bought a Lyle classical guitar at an antique shop in Seattle in 1994 for $100...not sure what it's's in perfect shape with case....would you know what the value would be on it...I don't have the numbers on it right now...I just know it say Lyle on the inside sticker with a red number below it...

Re: Lyle Guitar

My friend bought a Lyle W-440 at an estate sale for $5.00 and I have never heard of this guitar before, other than the fact that this guitar was made in Japan that is all I know about it. Can you provide any insite on this old guitar?

Danny Hamilton

Re: Lyle Guitar

: lyle 3019 w 420 12

Re: Lyle Guitar

I just got a "Lyle C-640" number 2864. It is a pretty thing with good sound. I can't seem to find any information on it. Can you help?

Lyle C-640 number 2294

Just bought a Lyle C-640 number2294 from a guy for $60. I was going to buy a "almost" new Yamaha for $60 but after founding out it was not made in Japan, I went and bought this one. This guitar is over 40 year old for $60, I'm so excited. I want to know more about this guitar and how to take care of it to make it last for another 40 years. It looks good and sounds great for an old guitar. I figure it was made in Japan and it's so old it has to be better quality than the newer guitars. So cheer to everyone!

Lyle hollow body 12-string electric guitar

I found this guitar while looking for a case for another guitar. I ended up purchasing the Lyle, the case in which it was being shown, and the case for which I originally went shopping! Anyway the serial number is: 2137332. Does that mean that it was the 32nd guitar built on 13 March 1973? Any information would be great. Thanks!


I meant 13 February 1973!

Lyle Guitar Model # A-690 ser# 981

I am looking to buy this Lyle and anyone that has info as to the date of manufacture would be greatly appreciated.


Lyle model 510

I had a lyle in the 70`s ,decent guitar. I purchased this one this morning at a estate sale for $50 , any info would be appreciated .Thank you.

early 80's Lyle Stratocaster

how rare is one of these Lyle Stratocasters? My mom bought it for me when I was twelve, I'm 45 and it's still in its original hard case. it's been well used, but is now in need of a total overhaul. At the time of purchase my guitar teacher said it was one of the best knockoffs available, lol. I have never seen another one anywhere. Just curious if it is o e of those lawsuit ones.

your Lyle Strat

hey man shoot me a pic of your Lyle, I might buy it at the very least get you the info youneed


lyle strat copies 1970's

very few were made that looked exactly like and had the pre-1965 stratocaster genetics, they were actually better made guitars than fender was producing at that time under cbs.

Lyle 710

I have a Lyle 710 acoustic made in japan. I can't see the serial #, but I so see a number 370 burned into the neck stock inside the soundhole. Can anyone tell me what that number represents.?

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