Castilla guitar

Posted by dagwood dagger on Mon, 10/13/03 - 20:18:56.

I have a guitar and I'm not sure of its value or origin or other information. My father gave it to me, and its sat around for years and now I'm taking intrest in it. The guitar has on the inside Castilla quality musical instrument model: CS-334. I would be happy if somebody had information on it or the year it was made. Thank you.

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Re: Castilla guitar

I also have a castilla.It is worth anything?

Re: Castilla guitar

I have a late '60's castilla electric strat style. cannot find ANY info anywhere about it. It is a good playing guitar has great quality neck...

Re: Castilla guitar

I have a castilla acoustic CS-60, it's been sitting in my sister's room for years, we have alot of guitars in this house so it was a surprise to find this one, it was so neglected the strings were too loose to make a sounds, fine condition, just covered in dust. My sister when she had used it, painted it, and it's rather pretty. The sound quality was good when I replaced the unusable, untunable strings with Petillo brand strings ((They have a custom pattent, and they sound AMAZING, way better then any generic string. Phillip Petillo is a luthier meaning he can make any stringed instrument, but his biggest demand is guitars, he makes guitars for alot of famous people including bruce springstein, his instruments are all up in the thousands if you get them custom made, but it's definatley worth it. If you ever need a guitar and have a few thousand bucks to blow, go to for the best guitar you've ever heard)) My guess on this, is that Castilla was a small time guitar company that never made it. Judging from the quality of this one I would guess it was a student model. If they are still in business somewhere they could give you more adequate information but I don't think any of them would be of much value, or I would have hear of this company before I found this guitar.

A Castilla 12 string with double hummingbirds pickguards.

This guitar has been with me for 25 years , with all 12 strings on the body would cave in and it would have high acton. So I turned it into a 6 string ,it looks strange ,but now it is very playable. I have not everr seen another lke this one. These were very cheep guitars from the 70s and 80s. , but well made. If anyone would like to see pics let me know . I would be verry happy to sell it for $100.

Castilla- 6 String guitar

I have had for 27 years. Any great value? Excellent Condition!!

More Castilla

I have a Castilla banjo!

It has a rather mundane headstock. It bears the scars of guitar type tuners with buttons hanging out the sides of the back of the headstock. It now has planetary type tuners with the buttons hanging down from the headstock. i.e. the tuner buttons are inline with the tuner shaft. More traditional banjo tuners. When I acquired it, the 5th string tuner was missing. I have since replaced it with a new one from Musician's friend.

The label, if you can call it that, is a brass like metal plate affixed the the headstock with what appears to be thin, double sided foam sticky tape. No other identifiers, nor labels are on it.

It is a very cheap banjo, but the tone is fantastic.

The pot is cast aluminum held to the pot with four wood screws is a wooden resonator. The wood appears to be laminated mahogany with a arched back. The coloration of the wood, wood finish and the plastic binding is a perfect match for a Japanese made (Matsumoku company) Epiphone FT145 I own, which was built in Japan in the mid- 1970's. That's all I know about this Castilla Banjo.

From this I submit that it MAY be Matsumoku manufactured, but was branded outside the factory. The label does not look like anything I've seen for factory applied branding labels. Possibly it was old to a music store which sold it's own store brand.

Castilla CS-31

I have this beautiful Castilla CS-31 Acoustic guitar that I bought from local music treasure Mr. Jack Skiles who used it when he played background music for people such as Bing Crosby, Judy Garland and Les Paul, among other celebs more than 35 yrs ago. It has the original case and an Easy to Play Guitar Chords sheet written by Jack. I'm wondering what it might be worth. I bought the guitar and case approximately 25 yrs ago and both, as well as the Chord sheet are in excellent condition. It has such a beautiful, mellow sound, but there isn't anyone in our family who plays any longer.

Castilla V-1588 Year 1974

Anyone know the value of this perfect condition classical guitar? This piece was made in Japan.

Castilla guitar

1. They wee supposedly cheap to buy. (Mine doesn't have a head nut.)

2. It plays/sounds fantastic.

3. I found mine in the garbage. Yes--a rich jerk threw out all his tenants stuff. I did take the guitar. I still feel kinda bad, but garbage day was terrible next morning, and there was a free sign.

4. I really hate what America has turned into.

Castilla cs300 6-string accoustic guitar

I bought this guitar at a thrift shop a few weeks ago. It is in good condition,
just normal wear and play. Been trying to research but not much on the net about.
I saw one post stating it was very rare. It is made in Taiwan. If anybody has any further information, I'd appreciate it.

Guitar cs9s

I havent found any info on my castilla cs-9s any one know

Castilla guitars

This is a very old site or forum i have a v-14 I got new when I was 11 it has been with me 51 years bet guitar I have and only a few play better. I put bone nut and bridge replaced the tuners mine has a truss rod once I set it up it is great stays in tune, The ones made in Japan where made by Matsumoku and they made the best 1970 guitars Ibanez and the likes. I had them in the 1970's but no one them much then.
I also look to get one more to work on.

Castilla guitars V-14 or electric

I know I am posting on a old site but I thought I would give it try
I have had my Castilla V-14 for 51 years 1971 a gift from my parents.
Im interest in another v-14 or any type also a strat copy by this company

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