that "low sound"

Posted by Lance on Sun, 09/24/00 - 18:28:36.

I'm fixing to buy my first guitar. I already know alot about music, having played trombone for 5 years, and i've been listening to rock since i've been old enough to comprehend.
Anyways, I've got some nice songs written out for me and friends, who play 6-string and bass. In order to complete the group, and the sound, i need something to play lower than a standard six.
Should I A:(buy a 7-string) B: (buy a baritone) C: (buy a scheter celloblaster) D: (buy a regular guitar, and string it w/ baritone strings) or E: (just get a six string, tune it down, and hope it stays put?)
The best baritoen i've found in my price range is the dano hodad. The best 7-string in my price range is an ibanez ax-722. I don't know if tuning a 6-string w/ a baritone set would even work.?
So basically, i need something i can play a lower sound on, but won't take me 3 years to get good at (considering i already fully understand chords, scales, etc.) Thanks for any advice.

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Re: that "low sound"

just for practicality's sake get a 7 string. but think about how long ur gonna be in this band tho, u might only 'need' it for like a year.

Re: that "low sound"

Dude go for the celloblaster its very low it sounds great without any effects and when you do use effects it sounds even better. Trust me i got one its tuned lower then the standard 7 string tunning the standard 7 string has the low B, the celloblaster has the low A and is tuned in fiths for a better sustain. The celloblaster is better you get all the low end sound without the girth of the 7 string neck. Just go with the celloblaster, its the better choice

Re: that "low sound"

Its me again wondering what you desided to get the 7 string or the cello blaster???? n e way if you ever read this jsut email me tellin what you got if you got ne thing. but i still sugjest the cello blaster


And that boy went on to found Limp Bizkit.

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