Ibanez Jamboree Acoustic... NEED INFO!

Posted by tom on Fri, 10/31/03 - 16:24:17.

Hi, i need some help, i have an Ibanez Acoustic guitar that is old, and i can't find any information on it... so here goes...

It's sunburst with white trim around the edge, like that of a gimson custom. the pickguard has a humming bird on it. the label inside looks like a "sea scroll" and reads "Constructor de Guitarras, Ibanez Jamboree , MODELO No. 680 , DESDE: 1908 , Nagoya Japan , Made in Japan."

Other things about this guitar that strike me as strange is that the headstock has the ibanez mother of pearl inlay, but doesn't have Ibanez on the headstock... also, the trussrod cover is like a little metal pendant that has the numbers 42216 with the letters R and S next to some stars...

all i really know is that i bought this from a freind who got it from his mom... and she got it from her father i beleive... so i am assuming it's pretty old...

if anyone know anything about this guitar please help me out!


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Re: Ibanez Jamboree Acoustic... NEED INFO!

man , tom, i have the exact same guitar..\

onlty min is a 12 string, its super old too

Re: Ibanez Jamboree Acoustic... NEED INFO!

: man , tom, i have the exact same guitar..\

: onlty min is a 12 string, its super old too

RS 42216 Headstock Emblem

I have an early 1970's dreadnaught with the same emblem on the headstock but no other identifying marks. Rosewood back, sides and fret board, solid spruce top, unmarked chrome tuners. Identical in size and cut to a 70's Martin D-28. I have five other guitars and can't beat the sound or playability of my first. Purchased second (or third) hand from a Washington D.C. pawn shop for $95 in 1973.

Re: Ibanez Jamboree Acoustic... NEED INFO!

i have the exact same guitar , eccept for on the top of the title scroll it says "constructor de guitarras"
and on the right side it reads "guitarras de Artesania"
then it says DESDE: 1908, and the modle# is 365. I am wondering its value. its in near mint condition, but needs new strings.

Re: Ibanez Jamboree Acoustic... NEED INFO!

Tom I have a very similar guitar. It fits the same description exept for the headstock cover which has no lettering.
My wife bought me this as my first guitar in 1970 or 71 and it cost her around £30 pounds new. It served me well for years until I changed it 3 years ago and gave an extended loan to my nephew. I have now taken it back and intend to take it to my local guitar shop for some TLC. It always sounded good to me in the old days and I'll keep you posted as to how it sounds when I get it restored.

value on ibanez rs 42216

I have a 1971 Ibanez rs 42216 dreadnought six string accoustic guitar. Neck is straight, just had the knot replaced and one or two dings on the box. Can anyone tell me what it's worth?

i have the same style and

i have the same style and eveything mine is just model:638.6 and it says MUSICA and on the neck it has the RS 42216 pendant

#680 jamboree hummingbird copy

Tom you have the same guitar as i, purchased at a yardsale for seven dollars cdn was dirty and busted strings but a little tlc and new strings and it sounds great. I can't seem to find out much about the guitar as it pre dates 1975 and has no apparant serial number,just a guess but 64-66 seems about rite.
good luck in your search,pls post any info ou find. Urban Rennewal.

ibanez jamboree 684.6

I have the exact same guitar, different model as is described in the first entry. I paid 10. oo dollars for it at a garage sale about four years ago and have just now gotten around to looking it up. It is pretty much in mint condition with the exception of some roughed out edges on the head - otherwise fine. I am going to keep searching for what it might be worth and then get it restored and start playing.

Ibanez model 680 "Jamboree"

Me and many friends have searched everywhere for this guitar with no results. Either its very rare or nonexistent. However I have one and the condition is rough but it plays and sounds great. feel free to em me at [email protected].

Ibanez model 680

I have a 1969 Ibanez model 680. Jamboree Desde 1908. Nagoya Japan. 901861. Bought it new in Montreal in 1969

Ibanez Jamboree 680

Bought mine in 1970.It is 48 years old. Has an absolutely incredible sound and the neck action is so easy. Would love to know what it is worth.

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