Yamaki Guitars

Posted by Vas on Tue, 10/10/00 - 05:26:43.

Can anyone tell me if this company is still going or how/where i would find out more about the guitars they made.
I have an acoutstic "Yamaki custom" made in Japan circa 1975 but thats all I know.

It sounds excellent and is finished well.

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Re: Yamaki Guitars

: Can anyone tell me if this company is still going or how/where i would find out more about the guitars they made.
: I have an acoutstic "Yamaki custom" made in Japan circa 1975 but thats all I know.

: It sounds excellent and is finished well.

Re: Yamaki Guitars

Well Roger, the story goes, that in Japan, both Susuki and Yamaha guitar companies were making Martin copies in the early seventies. "Susuki Threes" by Susuki and "Yamaki" by Yamaha. Susuki was very good and Martin sued them for copywrite violations and flooding the US market with the cheep copies. When Martin won the suit (I beleve in 1975)Yamaha cut and run, by stopping production and sales, they were not as productive as Susuki and avoided a law suit. So to sum up, Yamaki is a Japaneze copy of the 1969 to 1974 Vintage Martins. Same woods, inside bracing and style. As for the sound well most people can't tell the difference in the dark.
Susuki Three's are considered a great find as well, but I still like my Yamaki Custom.
I got this story from a guy that worked at Martin during the 70's and 80's so you can take it for what it's worth, personaly I believed the guy, it's a good story.
Now You tell me why a guitar that looks and sounds so good and is rare, and is prized by there owners...only sells for about $200.00 to $300.00 dollars when it does come up for sale???
Keep on pickin

Re: Yamaki Guitars

I recently bought a Yamaki Concierto 600 classical guitar for 110 USD. It has a surprising clear and clean sound.

Is there anybody who knows more about their classical guitars, since people are only talking about Yamaki "Martin" copies from the 70s. I know Yamaki was "swallowed" by Yamaha, but it would be nice to hear from other users about the classical guitar line.

Re: Yamaki Guitars

I found a GS 200 today (5-25-01) at a pawn shop, picked it up for $50.00. I put new machine heads on, strings, cleaned it up a bit and much to my surprise...It sounds great! I have never seen one b4 nor heard the name. I too would like more info. This particular model was made in '74. I wonder if it's worth anything??

Re: Yamaki Guitars

:OOPs.....Anyways I bought a Yamaki 6 string back in 89 for $250 It has the pick up on it to plug it in to amps. I would like to find out what year this was made.It don't have the big label on the inside. It is stamped Enchanting Harmony then under that Yamaki then under that Since 1954.Besides enchanting harmony it has either a 6 or a B inside a circle stamped there. It also has these numbers on the back of the neck mount in the inside 190505 If someone knows anything about when this guitar was made, I would appreciate your response..It plays great except the first,second,and third fret has wear..

Re: Yamaki Guitars

I have a Yamaki 1975 Heritage. It is an excellent guitar and i would say looks and sounds better that Martin's that i have tried!

Re: Yamaki Guitars

I am currently looking for a Yamaki guitar. If you have one for sale please email the info on the guitar. Thanks

Re: Yamaki Guitars

: I have a Yamaki 1975 Heritage. It is an excellent guitar and i would say looks and sounds better that Martin's that i have tried!
I own a Yamaki 12 string guitar bought second hand just before last Xmas. It has a greast tone and is well built. Comments please.
Regards Norman

Re: Yamaki Guitars

I have a Yamaki Custom Folk M-125 that I purchased in 1972 brand new. It cost $200.00 at that time including the case. I believe it is a Martin New Yorker copy. The guitar has always had great timber and smooth base. About twenty years ago I replaced the tuners with Ovation gearhead tuners. The tuners and the plastic pegs in the bridge were always the weak points. The Ovation tuners allowed for tighter tuneing and I would not trade off this guitar for newer instruments that cost in excess of $1200. At the time that I purchased the guitar from Portland Music Company I was told that the construction of body is Rosewood, the sound board Spruce, the neck Mahogony, and the fret board is Rosewood. It's a beauty!

Re: Yamaki Guitars

I used to have a Yamaki 12 string, which was the best guitar I ever had or ever played. I bought mine new in 1975 for about $230, now I would like to get another and I am also tying to find if the company still exists. No one seems to know anything about it.

Information about Yamaki guitar

I have a very nice Yamaki classical guitar Model GC25. I can't seem to find any info on this model number. This guitar is in great shape for its age (30 t0 40 yrs?) and could be a collector item. Please help me learn more about this instrument. I have photos if needed.

Yamaki Deluxe Folk

Bought this guitar for our daughter to learn on and fell in love with it.It’s a Yamaki Deluxe Folk and the year of manufacture was 1972.Stamped inside is A133S and something with 25.Can anybody tell me more about this guitar and what it’s worth today?Guitar is in good original condition.
Thank you

I don't know a ton about

I don't know a ton about Yamaki guitars as I am trying to learn more about my own model, but I know that from your model number the S at the end refers to a solid Spruce top which Yamaki primarily used (along with redwood cedar occasionally) which means that the top is certainly not laminated wood. They frequently used solid rosewood backs both of the Indian and Brazilian varieties. As for worth, in its prime in the 70s, these retailed new for about $150-250 which with inflation would be somewhere in the neighborhood of $1000 - $1700. However, I have been pricing various models for the last couple of months and it would appear that they will sell today for anywhere between $300 and $500 in good condition. That's not to say that to the right player/collector this could be worth much more than that; though my personal recommendation would be to hang onto it because the sound that these guitars produce is just incredible!

Yamaki guitar ay370w

I can’t even find a pic, I have an old Yamaki aprox 45 years old it plays nice,
Any info would be great

Yamaki AY370W worth about $400

Someone was selling a 1976 Yamaki AY370W for $425 a few years ago on Reverb, and right now there is a listing for one, that doesn't say which year it was made, for $400: https://www.kijiji.ca/v-guitar/edmonton/vintage-yamaki-ay370w-buffalo-head-acoustic-for-sale-trade/1449649006

rare yamaki

I own a beautiful Yamaki delux folk (1973) sunburst mod 122s...in mint condition ...I cant find any info on this guitar...can someone help....Stan


I'm also looking for info on this model sunburst no. 122S w/ hummingbird pickguard!
Do you have any info on this?
For instance, how do you know yours is from 1973?

/Marcus Fenn (Sweden)

Yamaki 81

The guitar is blonde with a maple neck is it real or a fake ?

Yamaki Guitar help?

I believe this guitar I have is about 40 years old. It’s a AY374W Buffalo series. Any info on this model, year and price range would be truly be helpful. Not that I am looking to sell because this guitar certainly sounds identical to a Martin D -18. Incredible guitar, just was hoping someone could give me some insight to this particular model. Your time is much appreciated.

1973 Yamaki Deluxe Western 12 String Acoustic Model W215

Hi, I am looking for any information about this guitar ( wood type, value etc...) Thank you very much.

1971 Yamaki Deluxe Folk No115

For a while now, I've been keeping my eyes out for a good deal locally on an old Yamaki acoustic...ever since I learned that this is the factory that made my '77 Washburn Falcon (not Matsumoku!)
Finally found one, a 1971 Yamaki Deluxe Folk No.115! Did a little bit of work to fix it up. You can see what I did, plus learn a little history & Guitarchaeology on my YouTube channel PinetopJackson
1971 Yamaki Deluxe Folk No115

Yamaki Deluxe Folk 122S Sunburst w/ hummingbird pickguard info?


I just bought a Yamaki acoustic 6 string guitar and I'm trying to figure out some more information about it.

The inside says Yamaki Deluxe Folk no. 122S (no stamp).
2-tone sunburst finish, dot inlays on neck and a red hummingbird pickguard.

The seller thought it was from the late 70's and that feels like it might be right. Otherwise he didn't know anything more about it.
I've found one that looks like it could be the same, but without the "S" in model no. ( https://reverb.com/item/54136433-players-condition-yamaki-deluxe-f-122-hummingbird-type-mij )

I read somewhere that the "S" might stand for solid top (?)
Does anyone know anything about this?
/Marcus Fenn (Sweden)

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