Carlo Robelli Guitars- Reviews, anyone?

Posted by Mr Annonymous on Mon, 12/01/03 - 14:31:55.

Has anyone here had any experience with Carlos Robelli guitars? If so, would you recommend one?

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Re: Carlo Robelli Guitars- Reviews, anyone?

: Has anyone here had any experience with Carlos Robelli guitars? If so, would you recommend one?

Re: Carlo Robelli Guitars- Reviews, anyone?

I bought a jazz model which looks and plays like a Gibson Super 400 in 2000. For the money it can't be beat. I've been playing for over 40 yaers and have played or owned just about every guitar made and this stands up to the best of them.

Re: Carlo Robelli Guitars- Reviews, anyone?

i just bought a w280 from sam ash based on the reviews i've read from harmony central, this site, and others. i own two other guitars...a washburn and a godin, both electrics. i hope everyone is playing straight about the robelli's. my wife doesn't know yet and she is literally going to kill me, so i hope this guitar is worth it. i been playing off and on for about 15 years. scott

Re: Carlo Robelli Guitars- Reviews, anyone?

I bought a carlos robelli.. accoustic guitar... the sound is really really good... I just dont like the paint job.. because.. the paint cracks.. and I odnt care about the cracks by the way.. Im just saying i think it not that durable.. as the other guitars.. Im afraid that it might fall apart after a year or two. But over all.. sound is. very very nice.

Carlo Robelli hollowbody electric.

I don't know what model it was, but the Carlo Robelli I saw was total junk. The top was made from plywood, & it was caving in right beneath the bridge.
The body was also caving in under the neck. The tuners were terrible, the frets were bad (not dressed from the factory). The mother of pearl inlays were plastic! The guitar is now unplayable.

Re: Carlo Robelli Guitars- Reviews, anyone?

I just bought a Carlo Robelli CW410 acoustic/electric today and LOVE it! It was only $180 (used), but in great shape. The action is fantastic, and it's a cutaway (which I need to allow me to reach the higher frets). It's also a thin body-style axe, but it sounds as good as other full body acoustics. I compared it to other more expensive guitars and found I liked the Robelli best.

Anyone else out there have a Robelli? What do you think?

Re: Carlo Robelli Guitars- Reviews, anyone?

Hi ...
i'm a bass guiter player , and i have the Carlo Robelli USB895 5-String Bass ( from ) .
GREAAAAAAT guitar , and for its price its even more GREAAAAATER !!!

Rock on

Re: Carlo Robelli Guitars- Reviews, anyone?

:I would highly recommend these instruments, as I have had three of them to date. My latest acquisition is a Carlo Robelli D-120 "Manhatten", which is a 17" jazz-box archtop copy of a D'Aquisto. This guitar is absolutely fabulous. The tone is real dark and woody sounding, and it has a floating pickup that doesn't interfere with the vibrations of the top. For the money ($600.00) this axe is comparable to other guitars costing 3 and 4 times as much. If you're in the market for a good instrument for gigging or recording or whatever, and you have a limited budget (don't we all?), check out the line of Crlo Robelli instruments. You'll be pleasantly surprised.: Has anyone here had any experience with Carlos Robelli guitars? If so, would you recommend one?

Carlo Robelli Basses

Carlo Robelli, is a Sam Ash Product. My first Bass was a Carlo Robelli, and for the price you can't beat it. Why pay more for the same quality?

Re: Carlo Robelli Guitars- Reviews, anyone?

: Has anyone here had any experience with Carlos Robelli guitars? If so, would you recommend one?

I have one its very nice the pick up is not working do you have scamatic diagram of the circit board please let me no ASAP
Don adey

Re: Carlo Robelli Guitars- Reviews, anyone?

: Has anyone here had any experience with Carlos Robelli guitars? If so, would you recommend one?

I just bought a 414ceb. Had it for two hours. I already like it almost as much as my steinberger spirit. Yes my tastes are eclectic. But who cares? I've got and acous/elec cutaway with full binding, a decent preamp, a gig bag, and a bos of picks for $180 brand spanking new. I don't play professionally, but I make a lot of cool noise. I'm pleased. Make sure the guitar you buy has no buzzes or else has already been set up. I noticed quite a difference in the factory set up on all the different models.

Re: Carlo Robelli Guitar Help Please

I inherited a guitar years ago when my grandfather passed away. I'm trying to find out if it is of any value. It is a Carlo Robelli acoustic, model # GS720, serial # 351. I'd appreciate any info. Thanks.

Carlo Robelli

I got a gs720 Carlo Robelli from my neighbor, serial 208, made in brazil

Carlo Rebilli

I bought my guitar from Sam Ash In Bradenton , Fl. I play only rythmn guitar, And am very pleased with the performance of the El 500.
I had a gibson Les Paul years ago, And I beleive this guitar compares closely with that gibson in fingering and sound. This is a good pick for
beginners or pros.

Carlo Robello DRB 1955 Ser# 0404270

I have this great Carlo Rorelli, I need to know more about it. Can any guitar guru help me?

Thanks, Joe

Carlo Robelli Acoustic Guitar Quality

I purchased a used (1970s ? ) Carlo Robello acoustic guitar as a parts guitar for the neck and backing wood to make a mini-electric guitar and can say the quality of the Robello was impressive. The neck and fretboard wood is real wood and very solid, not a cheap pressboard painted knockoff. Currently, in the process of looking for a similar Carlo Robello guitar for another project. Highly recomended guitar brand to purchase.

Was paid a Carlo robelli acoustic for help

I wad given a Carlo robelli acoustic guitar for helping clean house for a friend its a beautiful piece of work with some broken strings i was Wondering how to see how old it is model# BW-S415-N help please

Carlo Robelli HSS sunburst green strat Dave Moore Edition

Very fortunate to come across a Dave Moore Carlo Robelli HSS strat. Like a big dummy I lost the nut on the way home while removing the strings out of boredom at the bus stop.
Seeking a tone knob and a stock nut (just to have laying around , it'll make feel better) which I'm going to replace with a Graph Tech XL. I think $20 dollars a piece is fair. Please contact me. I'm living in Los Angeles County , Carlifornia.

Carlo Robelli Guitars

I recently purchased a twelve string on ebay. It has a very bright sound. It was inexpensive and gives me a chance to work on a twelve and let the students in my guitar class experiment with a twelve string. I also like the fret board because it seems a bit wider. Maybe thats just because it is a twelve string.

Carlo Robelli Explorer

I just found my old CR Explorer at a pawnshop, other than the one i pawned it at, a few days ago, after a year. from my understanding its a 90's model CR. But i haven't been able to find any info about it. Purchased on Ebay a few years ago with a Brownsville amp. They both sounded really good together. The seller had no previous knowledge of the pair (Goodwill). At the time i did however find a picture of the same model on the internet...but they were trying to say it was a 70's model ('79). And also had the model name/number as EEX2. Its body is slightly smaller than a Gibson Ex. Bolt on neck, with a arrowhead (V) type of headstock...but with a little scoop out of the point. Similar to Deans "baby" line headstock. Black with a white pick guard and matching black headstock. also the Carlo Robelli logo is in cursive, with New York...Established 1932, under logo. If anyone can help me pin down exactly what I've got would be GREATLY appreciated!! thx in advance!!

Carlo Robelli

I have A very solid heavy wood 4 string bass
I would like to get a strap and Amp to give to

Carlo Robelli guitar review.

Hi everyone someone 14 years ago someone gives me a used Carlo Robelli box guitar in New York.d it sounds amazing till today 11.18.2021. I too have some more guitar, for me, this guitar stands on the top in sound and builds very strong. individual test but as a guitar player for many years I recommend this one. 14 years in New York Christmas time in the snow some times in the rain I take this guitar for carol without a case but it is still the same. I don,t know where the company is located but they use real best woods to make their Guitar.

Carlo Robelli

As others have noted, why pay for a brand name for the price? I've bought CR Guitars From 2000 to 2010 for home practice. Some, I gave as gifts and others I've kept. Right now I have a 12-string ($99) I got in Huntington Beach Sam Ash and at that same shop, I saw a rare Double Neck (7 & 6 strings) Carlo Robelli. Since I collect guitars, I bought it on the spot. It's Pewter Grey, Two Humbucking Pick Ups, 24 frets. It sounds gr8. It's still brand new, never been used for gigs. email me if you want to see it.

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