Re: How to build an ebow?

Posted by Basur Amail on Tue, 10/12/04 - 05:10:26.

Back in the 1970's I built an ebow toy. I took a solenoid (like what a washing machine uses to open water valves), and glued a big fat magnet to the back. I held it near the strings of an old acoustic guitar and connected it to the input of a tube amp. Took another solenoid (sans magnet) and held it near the strings, a few inches away from the first. The second solenoid was connected to the amp's output. Cranked up the volume and got LOUD noises. With practice, I got it to play some nice-sounding chords, and actually got a distorted feedback tone out of it that was pretty aggressive. The only "speaker" was the guitar itself.


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Re: what is my Guitar worth?

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I have a 1966 Gretsch Chet Atkins Country Gentleman
model no. 24819, This beauty is in good shape
How much is it worth?
Thanks Bob

Re: what are my guitars worth

: I have a Hohner model Rockwood LX250G. Any idea of a value?

Re: what are my guitars worth

I have a custom ESP The Mirage With two double coil pick ups . it has 22 freds and i think the guitar is between 6 and 11 years old its completely black the neck to and the tremolo you have to click in i bought it 6 years ago as a second handed and its still like new great guitar !!!!!

Re: what are my guitars worth

I'm looking for the value of a mint condition Hohner HG730 and a mint condition Hohner TWP600b.


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