epiphone 5102te

Posted by Timothy Nolan esq. on Fri, 01/16/04 - 23:06:41.

i have purchaced an epiphone 5102te
does anyone know anything about these guitars or when they were made?
the serial number 0440 and it was made in kalamazoo michigan

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Re: epiphone 5102te

: I own an epiphone 5102te also, I contacted Gibson about it, looking for a replacement pickguard. Apparently the only part made in Kalamazoo, is the label, the guitar was made in Japan. I bought mine used in 1981. It is still straight, and the action is low. Really a well made guitar, however I still haven't found the pickguard.

Re: epiphone 5102te

I just bought a 5102te and I've been doing some looking. Nothing concrete, but I have a theory lol. People at Gibson say it was made in Japan and people on a couple different sites and discussion groups say the same thing, but any documentation I've seen refers only to the 5102t never the te. The 5102t was made in Japan in 70 into early 72 or late 71. Several companies made a version of this Aria model called the 5102t. I've never held a 5102t Epiphone, but I would bet it probably doesn't say "union made Kalamazoo, Michigan" I would expect to see something like "Made in Japan" as was on so many things in the 70s. Sure it has a bolt on neck, but it's a carefully crafted quarter sawn neck with the grain running just how it should and straight. I think they produced the te in Kalamazoo for a brief time during the transition after they sold out. e for epiphone :) Many 5102t, only 1 5102te. It may not be recognized by "experts" and collectors as a US made Epi, but I think it is. That's prolly why I got it for $138.25 on ebay. How could anyone not want to pay more than that for this sweet thing? I don't get it. I was ready to go to about 400 and I didn't even think I'd get it for that. (in conclusion <applause>)If anybody has some kind of documentation that says the TE was made in Japan, but says Union Made - Kalamazoo, Michigan on the inside label anyway, I wanna see it. Likewise, any documentation or knowledge to back my theory would be welcome too. Thanks

Re: epiphone 5102te

I own an Epiphone 5102TE. I bought it a few years ago for $300 from a music store, and still consider it a great deal. It is one of my favorite guitars, and has a great sound. At any rate, in reply to your query, the label on the inside of my guitar reads: "Epiphone 5102TE . . . Epiphone, Inc., Kalamazoo, Michigan . . . Made in Japan." In addition, there is an original sticker still on the back of the 'steel adjustable neckplate' that reads "made in Japan." All this being said, I am sure this is where the guitar came from, or at least was assembled. Anyway, I don't care if it was made at the north pole: It's still awesome. Congrats on your Epi!

Re: epiphone 5102te

I have a "Granada" 5102TB" strangely enough. It matches your description yet is has the Grranada brand. It is made in Japan as well. My uncle purchased it in the early 70's. I think it is a rip off of the Aria but it is still a solidly built guitar. Anyways, just thought I'd throw that in.


I also have one of these beautiful guitars, and love playing it, but can not find any info either. I am mussing pick guard and tremolo, but other than that it plays and sounds great. I believe it also has Kalamazoo Michigan, and made in 73... 73877 is #

Epiphone 5102 TE

I have an Epiphone 5102 TE which has a blue label inside which clearly says "Union Made" and I have seen other identical guitars with "Made in Japan" in the same place on the blue label. I bought mine secondhand in Cardiff, Wales, about 1975, and it is a truly lovely thing. It has an unbranded Bigsby-type tremolo, a bolt-on neck and a moveable bridge with individual height and length adjusters for each string. I've always thought it was more akin to the Gibson es 390 than the es 335, which has a larger body. Anyway, I am sure that mine was an early model, made in Kalamazoo circa 1968-69 before the production was moved to Japan. As for what it may be worth, I don't really care, because I wouldn't sell it, but if I could get solid provenance from Gibson, I would imagine it to be worth somewhere in the region of £1500 or maybe $2000.

Re: epiphone 5102te

i dont know much, but i recently purchased one also.
I can tell you this from my research, the parts were made in kalamazoo, but the guitar was assembled in japan. mine is missing some parts, a pickguard, the switch, and i want to replace some parts, so if you have any info, tell me. thanks

Re: epiphone 5102te

any ideas on dates for serial #'s or other info... is it a Casino? I'm awefully curious about my beautiful red chunk of wood

Re: epiphone 5102te

I bought an Epiphone 5120te in the mid-70's.
The label on the iside of the guitar says: "n° 911169 EPIPHONE INC Kalamazoo, michigan. Made in Japan".

Could anybody help me?
It goes out of tune so easily, is there anything I can do about it? to set it up or something??

5102 TE

I own one and the label in mine says it was Union Made in Kalamazoo

5102 Hollybody

If ANY OF THESE GUITARS READ Union Made In Kalamazoo, and does not have the made in Japan next to it u can believe it was union made in the states thanks the Guitar man

union made

Mine says made in Kalamazoo MI union made

Union Made Epi 5012TE

I just got the one I have from a friend in need of some cash. It has the Kalamazoo Michigan blue label and it also says Union Made. Mine also has an original Bigsby Tail Piece with all it's original parts in tact and in near perfect condition. I gave him 300 for it, because I liked it and I wanted it to go with my 1968 Harmony with 3 humbuckers and Bigsby that my Dad bought New. They make a cute couple.. Just curious if anyone knows.. what is the real dollar value on these. I feel that even though mine has the label in tact it is a Japan model. Any advice or knowledge on the matter?
Ken From Shreveport La

Union Made label meaningless

There is currently on eBay a 70's Epi jumbo whose internal label says 'Union Made' and, separately, 'Kalamazoo Michigan'. But the back of the chrome neck bolt plate has engraved: 'Made in Japan'! Being sold by an honest trader who does not pretend it is not Jap made. And i have seen a Jap Epi jumbo being advertised by a shop near me as American made when it wasn't - but again, that was an honest mistake. Note that counterfeit blank internal stickers seem easy to come by.

Serial number and original kabel

The guitar has oneinternal label that shows the Model as Epiphone 5102 TE, ser.# 05572, Epiphone Kalamazoo, Michigan, with the Union Made below the specs table.
Was it made in Kalamazoo, MI? Can the sepeople I’ll number be verified by the Gibson Co.?t

Epiphone 5102T

Hi Guys i too have one of these beauties and although it says 5102T on the blue label its serial number is 66335 which dates it at either 64 or 67 according to various sites, i can identify to all of your questions and how people are getting the info on their particular guitar but im confused with on thing on mine it is natural wood or a blonde and it seems now ive taken the neck off never to have been the red which is standard for these guitars when the production switched to japan, i also have the wooden tune o matic style moveable bridge but i have a simple harness rather than the bygsby people are talking about and some very cheap knobs and no decal on the headstock which is also strange anyway am enjoying all the CSI type work going on here anyone got any info on mine especially because of the colour itd be gratefully recieved cheers guys

Epiphone 5102TE

I have just purchased a Epiphone guitar that has the label with union made Epiphone Kalamazoo Michigan I have no way to know if it was made in Kalamazoo or not but it is a nicely built guitar sounds great and fits the same description as the rest of the post on this subject. It bought it from a person not a store. He lived in Kalamazoo Michigan. To be honest with all of you it don't make any difference to me I bought it to play not to resell. But if anyone ever has any prof of where they were made I would like to know

Epiphone 5102TE

I saw a post on another site where the guy said his local music shop had two for sale at $250 and that neither of them had moved in years. Second hand info but that is what I read.


I have one older a 64, beatiful, restoring what pickups everyone have in theres ?
japan stuff funny no herbal garden needed!!

Union Made

Mine has the blue label, Made in Michigan, Union Made but serial number indicates an earlier year build.
I do really love to play it, and have to be very careful to keep others from stealing it once they play it. Mine however has had to be modified to to neck issue's and doesn't sound as good as it did. Still playable but so hard to keep in tune! I need to find another!

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