Tokai Love Rock, serial number

Posted by Jussi on Tue, 01/27/04 - 14:14:57.

Hello all!
Does anyone know what is my Tokai Love Rock data ? I mean the year it is made and the type. I know it is made in Japan, but it is LS XX and those XX i'd like to know.

Greetings from Finland, Jussi

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Re: Tokai Love Rock, serial number

Sorry, the number is 9904015


Re: Tokai Love Rock, serial number

Two first numbers represent the year, sot your's is from '99. Check

: Sorry, the number is 9904015

: Jussi


Thanks for your reply !


Re: Tokai Love Rock, serial number

: Hello all!
: Does anyone know what type of Les Paul (Love Rock) Tokai guitar that I own! I am sure that it is a Japanese model as the Serial No. is 0306554 (03 being the year) But boy what a fantastic guitar it is! I found out this information on the following web-site

<> It has lots of great news and information!


I have a SG tokai, The model is SG118S, its the custom model with 3 mics. I want to know where she comes and what year.
The serial number is: 082144

my Tokai NALS-45 Love Rock Tuxedo

I am curious to find out the origin of my Tokai...I was told that the anomaly in the print is indicative of Canadian built Tokais that were intended for Korea to build (or something along those lines) Incredible guitar...and I have many to choose from, but instead of saying "Made in Korea", it says "Make in Korea" of all source for the info I was given is reputable, but I would like to know conclusively. it is an 04 NALS-45 Love Rock Tuxedo LP copy, Serial is as follows 04XXXXX. Anyone? my email is [email protected] if you'd be so kind, thanks! J

Tokai love rock serial number and origin

could someone help me identify where my Tokai love rock was made, I have checked the Tokai registry but can't find the prefix letters , the serial number is FC06199241 which identifies it being a 2006 model, but is it Japanese or Korean

Tokai love rock serial number and origin

sorry the serial number should read FC0619241

Tokai serial number

I have the chance of a Tokai Les Paul love rock serial No 90xxxxx can any one tell me the year and if it is Japanese

Tokai love rock

I jusYt got a sweet Tokai. But I'm not sure where it was made..can u help..serial number start s with CN100107xx..I was told it's an 85 model..but I'm thinking not.any help??? Would be great

oldies but goodies bass country of origin

howdy all you earthlings need help dating this bass serial number F2010059 japan or korea please help year and country where built

Tokai love rock

I bought a Tokai love rock made in Korea no serial no on
number on back of head stock but has made in Korea
Any other places to look ie electric cavities back of pick ups ect.

tokai electric Love rock model

can anyone help me with a tokai electric love rock model guitar with a serial # 0401400
Made in republic of Korea

when was it made and

what can i sell it for?

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