Fender-San Miguel

Posted by Bob on Tue, 11/28/00 - 17:00:36.

Considering buying the Fender acoustic model "San Miguel" for $199.00
Wondering if that is decent price. It appears to be in very good shape.
I am a beginner ... so just wondering? Any ideas?

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Re: Fender-San Miguel

It is a perfectly good guitar to learn on, but that is about it. I am a serious Fender guy (it's all I play),but there acoustic guitars aren't all that great. It's hard to believe but it's true. So, For a beginner it's fine but please trade up when you become more proficient. Good Luck!


My San Miguel has been the only acoustic i've owned for years and i've loved it. i've definately played it 100 times more than my parents paid for it when they bought it for me used 11 years ago. when they brought it out with a bow on the neck for my 18th birthday i thought it was the coolest thing i'd ever seen. at that point in time i'd never seen an acoustic with the strat headstock. i was always drawn to stratocasters over any electric guitar before i had ever played so seeing that was pretty cool. i actually thought he had it custom made or something until he told me it was the only left handed guitar he could find anywhere around town. Ha!
in the past five yrs or so i've noticed alot more acoustic guitars that are similar with the strat headstock in shops and on tv, but it still catches some eyes when ya bring it out. i never had a problem with the sound until 3-4 years later when i started actually having the opportunity to play other acoustics (i'm a leftie and didn't have access to many other guitars that i could actually play).
That being said, i live in houston where there is a guitar shop that deals specifically in lefties and i just ordred my dream guitar yesterday through the good people at southpaw guitars. my gibson songwriter deluxe with a cutaway in the vintage burst finish. it's being made at the gibson factory in montana very soon and i'm playing the snot out of my san miguel in the meantime in anticipation that it will suffer some serious neglect when my new gibson arrives. either way i'll never get rid of it the san miguel. there've been late nights with my brother and i drinking where i've discussed having it cremated with me when i die. if i have a child who plays guitar leftie one day, i'll buy him/ her their own first guitar and pass on my songwriter and whatever other guitars i have to them, but i'll never sell my san miguel.
anyway, i just realized your post date and realized that this is completely useless, but i have really enjoyed my san miguel. i hope you bought the one you were looking at and have enjoyed it. cheers!

Thank you mr Anonymous for a

Thank you mr Anonymous for a nice story, greetings 10y later!

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