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Posted by Ragster on Mon, 03/22/04 - 08:55:38.

Fellow Pickers,

I am hoping that someone can shed some light on me regarding Ventura guitars and the name Bruno. Whenever I hear someone mentioning Ventura guitars, 90% of the time they usually add the name Bruno (as in Bruno Ventura). I understand that C. Bruno and Son Inc. distributed these fine Japanese made instruments here in the good ol' US of A in the 1970's until they were forced to shut down due to some law suit regarding patents or something.

Anyhoo, I own 2 Ventura's. A V25 and a V696. Each of these has the label inside of the sound hole which reads:


I recently saw a Ventura without the name Bruno on the label. It was a V14 and the label (which was slighty different) reads:

Fine Fretted Instruments
Serial No.___
Model No.___
designed in USA built in Japan

I have seen this same V14 in an old Bruno Ventura catalog so I know that this model was also sold here in the USA. So my question is...why do some Ventura's have the name Bruno on it and others don't? My guess is that if it didn't have the name Bruno on it then it was probably bought and sold in Japan...but that is just my guess. If anybody can help me out I would really appreciate it. Is one or the other of more value now? With or without the name Bruno on it?

Also as I mentioned above, it was my understanding that Ventura was shut down in the 70's but I just saw a Ventura up for auction on Ebay category=47064

and the description of the guitars says that it is NEW. How can this be? I mean, how can a company that has been out of business for 30 years have a brand new guitar? Could these be 2 different Ventura company's? I have emailed this person but have yet to receive a reply. Thanks and happy picking!~


P.S. If anybody knows of any websites or any information at all about Ventura guitars it would be really kewl if you can pass along the information. Thanks again!~

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Want to Buy?


I have a Ventura Guitar. It's a Ventura -200S. Great condition, sounds great. And it came with a pickup that fits in the sounds hole. If you are interested in this guitar, I am more than happy to send pictures to you.

Chad G.

Ventura V696 acoustic

Hi, I am looking to buy a Ventura V696 Acoustic guitar. Send me a message if you know of one for sale. Perhaps some contact info too..


Venture V697 12 string

I am also looking to acquire a Ventura V697 12 string acoustic too.

Let me know also with contact info.


Ventura v-697

Hello. My father had pasted away back in 2010. I had inherited a Ventura v-697. I dont know much about this guitar. What i do know is my fathers life was about music. He recorded 5 single records an did it with this guitar. When he would play this guitar it was just a sound that would stop you dead in your tracks. Just a beautiful sounding guitar. I dont play guitar. I hate to see this guitar just sit an do nothing. Would you be interested in buying this guitar? Maybe you can tell me a little more about it as well. Please get back to me. Thank you.


Ventura V-697

Hi Mario,

I'm definitely interested in purchasing this guitar from you if it's still available. Please let me know how much you're looking to get for the guitar and what kind of condition it's in. My older sister had one of these guitars and I can remember many times when she would let me play it. I always wanted to own one but unfortunately, by the time I was old enough to afford one, they were no longer available. Anyway, if you're interested in selling your father's guitar to someone who will take care of it and appreciate it, please get back with me. Thanks,


Ventura V-697 12-string guitar

I also have this model guitar if anyone is interested in purchasing with hard case. Looks as if it was never used. Let me know.

Re: Interested in selling

Contact me at [email protected] I am very interested in getting my hands on one of these.


Ventura 697

I have a v697 on eBay

Ventura Model V-697

I just bought one of these at a yard sale. It is a 12 string but the neck is broken at the base where it connects to the sound box. I am trying to find out if it can be fixed or can a new neck be added to it. Is it worth fixing? How much is the guitar worth. Mine has a label inside Fine Fretted Instruments Model V-697, Designed USA Built in Japan

You can contact me by email [email protected]

Ventura 697

I have one I am thinking about restoring5


Ventura 12 String Guitar Model V-697

I just bought one at a yard sale. The neck is broken, trying to find out if it is worth fixing. Can it be fixed. It is broken where it connects to the sound box. Other than that the guitar is in excellent condition. It has the label inside Find Fretted Instruments. Model V-697, Designed in the US Built in Japan???????????? Is it worth fixing? can it be fixed?

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