Arbiter SG Copy

Posted by Stephen on Tue, 12/19/00 - 09:05:23.

HELP - Before this drives me MAD. I have an Arbiter SG copy, looks like its made of mahogany with an ebony fretboard. I've searched the web for weeks to see if I can find any info. but to no avail. Anyone else got one or any info please let me know

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Re: Arbiter SG Copy

I too have such a beast - nice neck shame about the tone! I asked about it and here is their reply...

Hi Dave.
Thanks for your email. The Arbiter guitar you have was produced as a cheaper replica of another well known brand of guitar. They were very much budget instruments and while a few examples have survived they have no real value as collectable instruments although a collector might wish to purchase it for its historical or intrinsic value. I am unable to place a value on the instrument but in reality it is worth whatever you can get for it. I hope this information is useful.

Best Regards,
Eddie Allen,
Fender Product Specialist.

Re: Arbiter SG Copy

Im in exactly the same position, still looking for info. The pick-ups may not be great but it plays like a dream. Have you found anything out yet?

Re: Arbiter SG Copy

I have a double neck lawsuit Arbiter which plays wonderfully and would also appreciate any info on the arbiter SGs

: Im in exactly the same position, still looking for info. The pick-ups may not be great but it plays like a dream. Have you found anything out yet?

Re: Arbiter SG Copy

Hi, I've got an Arbiter SG copy as well, I bought it off an old friend who doesn't understand value so i got it for £20! It's not in the best condition, but um that's my fault, I havn't been it's best friend. I had to replace the machine heads and the bridge is screwed, I can't find anybody with one except u guys...

Re: Arbiter SG Copy

I've got one is these (custom model). Bought it in the late 1970s.
Not used it for a while but recently brought it out of retirement.
Yes, I'd say the body was definitely mahogany. The fingerboard looks like ebody, but might not be. Mine's got a great action (had it set up by a tech years ago). Neck is set, not bolted. Pickups are pretty good too. In fact I swapped the bridge unit for a DiMarzio and found it had a lower output than the original!. Played through a valve amp it sounds pretty damn good. Only stopped playing it because it's quite neck heavy and I found that was holding me back as a player...found slinging it low on a strap actually helps...

Re: Arbiter SG Copy

what else.....Arbiter/Dallas Arbiter was a UK importer in the 1970s and 1980s. I suspect these guitars were made for it in Japan. The pick-ups are defintely Japanese (can't remember the make but I think they were good quality. Real humbuckers too).
I think Arbiter was swallowed up by Fender....
Bridge is OK but not fantastic quality..may replace it. Top nut is also not too good. Machines are OK, but I've just noticed a tendancy to stick...
Hope some of this helps...You guys are also the first I've come across with one these...

Re: Arbiter SG Copy

i've got an arbiter sg shaped bass cream coloured made in japan in the 60's trying to get a price guide on it any ideas? cheers

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