mansfield acoustic guitar

Posted by matt on Fri, 05/14/04 - 22:50:33.

I just picked up a Mansfield F-340 acoustic at a used guitar store. I can't find any information on it on the net. Does anyone know anything about this?

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Re: stop using my name

Easy Matt

Re: mansfield acoustic guitar

It is very difficult to get information about these guitars. I have been searching for many years. Apparently, they used to make copies of high end models in the 70 (electric and acoustic), and they were made in Japan, and they were affordable (200-300$). I have a friend who have a 25 years old acoustic Mansfield AW150 (or something like that) and it plays beautifully. Still it is not a high end guitar (the bone on the bridge is straight and angled). I bought a used mansfield MD120 recently and paid 200$(canadian) for it. These are reedition that are not as good as the originals but still they compare to higher end guitars. The seller told me he bought it 350$ (canadian) one year ago, but the music store that sold it can no longer get Mansfield guitars through his regular distributors. There is nothing else on both guitars (mine and my friend's) than the brand name on the neck and on the label. No mention of where it was made. I saw some new MD120 on ebay recently on auction starting at 250USD and it went away before the end of the auction. These guitars are not well known but they seem to be searched for by a few. That's about all I know about Mansfield guitars.

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mansfield guitar archtop round back

I have a Mansfield acoustic arch top that looks like a ovation guitar round back but it has a arch-top with F holes instead of a round hole. any body know anything about these guitars I find nothing but dead ends when searching for origins of this pretty little guitar it has a red black sort of sunburst on top back looks like any ovation guitar any body know anything that could help find info.

Mansfield Guitars

I cant believe no one knows anything about my arch top mansfield guitar that looks like a ovation guitars any one at all know anything about it you could send any info to my email [email protected]

garage sale find

Hi Everyone
I found a Mansfield acoustic guitar F Model at a garage sale. It has a beautiful red body, with a hummingbird, and looks like pearl inlay on the neck. It was really dusty, the hummingbird was faded, a few of string pegs were missing, AND it looked like bridge and the saddle weren't original parts. Having said that, when I ran my fingers through the strings, it gave me goosebumps, the sound was so rich and beautiful. I was searching around for it on the internet and it looks exactly like the Ibanez Sunburst guitar.
I have always wanted to, but never have played guitar in my life, don't know the first thing about them. This guy wanted $400 for it, he went down to $225, and I offered him $100.
I'd really appreciate some input on this from people who know. I'd love to buy this guitar but I don't want to get ripped off either. What's a reasonable price?



I have recently purchased a Mansfield that even Mansfield Guitar or Peate Music can't seem to put their finger on. It has the plastic or fibreglass back with a red front with holds in the leafs much like an Ovation would. It's an acoustic/electric. Any info would be appreciated. This one was made in China.


I have one too, thin bodied Ovation style acoust/elec

about guitar

i have a mansfield model k-1 on the label it is a classical does anyone know any thing about it when it was made what it was worth new and now i can find it any where can find other models but not this one

Mansfield guitar look's like ovation

Just read a comment that this guitar was made in China. How do we know this. I can't find any information on this guitar.

Mansfield model MD375-12

Would like to have information on it Great shape

Mansfield acoustic

I purchased a Mansfield copy of a Gibson Hummingbird in 1974 for $200 and still have it. It was and still is, a beautiful sounding instrument. The tone is rich and it plays easily. The frets are much gentler than most Fenders I've played. Being a veteran of many years of bonfire parties on a beach by the sea, it will be making a visit to a good luthier soon.

mansfield 12strin f385

any info

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