Mako Strat Copy

Posted by Charles on Thu, 06/17/04 - 17:10:09.

Just purchased a Mako Strat Style guitar in 98% NEAR MINT CONDITION. LC-3 is tagged on the neck plate. The guitar body is plywood - neck is maple w/what looks like rosewood running down the middle of the neck, like Fender necks - has rosewood fretboard - This guitar sounds incredible and the cream colored paint (faded I'm sure,) is stunning - The pickguard is tortoise looking plastic as well as the tremolo cover on the back, just beautiful stuff for plastic - The weakest part of this guitar are the tuners, so I'm replacing the tuners with some really good quality ones.

Can anyone out there in cyber land shed any info on this company "Mako"? Does anyone have a strat copy like this one?

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Re: Mako Strat Copy

never heard of mako, but if its a made in japan it will be a great copy, never heard of a bad jap copy.

Re: Mako Strat Copy

I had a Mako strat copy back in 1987 or 88. It played like a dream and everyone really dug it. It was my second Mako, the first one was a copy of the Randy Rhoads Jackson Flying V. I wish I still had those guitars.


Mako LS-3 1983 Vintage JV Strat Tele Japan MIJ

I just recently came accross this Mako Strat grey with a black pick guard. Took it completely apart, cleaned all the pots and switchs, waxed her up , put on a new set of 10's. Reset the neck and string tees, has a maple neck that's awsome. I noted the single pick ups are just a bite bigger than others. This thing plays as good as any guitar I have, even better than some more expensive Feder Stats I have. I own over 70 guitars, have a nice older collection. This has really impressed me! A Mako LS-3 there version of the famous strat, and one can see why. Nice workmanship, and the old wood that make this a nice guitar to play. Beautiful maple neck. It has been a long time since any comments have been sent. These are certainly worth picking up for the going prices under 200.00 Anyone says otherwise they are just prejudes. Give one a try, you'll see.

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