1914 / 1915 Gibson Guitar

Posted by John Ross on Fri, 11/05/04 - 03:41:29.

Serial Number 24564. Great shape. Any idea of its value?
Thank you

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Re: 1914 / 1915 Gibson Guitar

: Serial Number 24564. Great shape. Any idea of its value?
: Thank you

I'm interested in helping you, but would really need the model number. Most likely Style O. There really wasn't much else then. As for the serial # which is accurately 1914/15 my personal experience with Gibson is that they do have handwritten ledgers, maybe microfiche that would tell what the guitar is and who built it. But it's not like their current computer database, which they have chosen to reflect no more than roughly the past 20 years. If you went to see them in person, they would help you. But email or phone, they have current issues to contend with.

Condition is the other factor. Nobody has described a guitar in other than great shape, and the grading factors go by percentage with all kinds of extraneous and minute detail.

Appraisals are available at Gruhns, Mandolin Bros., Bluebook (value guide).com, www.vintageguitarpro.com and as for myself, since I collect Gibsons, I think $2-3,000 US all original, intact, no cracks or damage. The smallest issue can lower that by 50 percent. Reason: where are original parts available?, and repairs while costly, are considered a compromise of the guitar in most instances. Strat Man Dwight

Gibson Acoustic, do you know the value?

Serial Number: 887812
Can you help me? I have searched different sites and can't find the information I am looking for.
Thank you


I am currently looking at (supposedly) a 1914 gibson acoustic. I could not a serial number anywhere on this damn thing, I am trying to figure out how much it's worth or what it is not worth, the only numbers I could find were on the inside of the guitar on a white label were the numbers (9615) ? the seller is asking for 2,400.00 is this fair? also the guitar is worn a bit and on the left shoulder the back is starting to come off( I was told this was because of how old it is and so the glue is starting to fall off. help me please?

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