Takamine F350M

Posted by John on Sat, 12/25/04 - 17:32:22.

I recently ran across a gently used Takamine F350M. Does anyone know the value of this model? The detail on it looks much more like that on the F370SS than the F350M per Takamine's website images, except for the light maple finish. But the model number F350M is clearly etched lenghthwise on the darker trim (strip of wood) along the spine inside the sound hole. It plays very nicely, low action, pretty tone although not much low end response. I think it may be quite a find, but I find nearly no info on the Web. ADDITIONALLY: Any recommendations on a pickup for such an instrument, with minimal damage to it? Thank you.

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Re: Takamine F350M

Hi I don't know this particular, but i own a F-370ss, i put an LR Baggs I-Beam active pickup inside it, and it sounds just beautifull, and the modifications are absolutely minimum, enlarge the endpin jack-hole a bit. Thats all.

takamine f350m

Hi I happen to own a f350m takamine guitar and have been trying to find more information about it. all I know is it was made in1975 of dec and on the 28th of the month and 19 units made. What is special is my guitar has a maple fret board instead of rosewood. I have not seen another like it.

Hi, I bought a F350M off my

Hi, I bought a F350M off my co-worker about 10+ years ago, he was the original owner. This Taki has a Custom decal inside at the base of the neck along with the serial number. Born on date is June 20th, 1977 and was the 42nd guitar made that day. I had a Martin Gold Pickup installed. Out of all the guitars I have, this is still my favorite to play. The neck and action are just right. Have yet to find another guitar I like better.

Takamine F350 M Serial 81011518

Mine is all blond with blond fret board.. Maple? Ash? It is in new condition...

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