wanted vox pedal, valve tone v810

Posted by Aaron on Mon, 01/10/05 - 23:38:24.

im looking for a v810 valve tone by vox,
please help

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Re: wanted vox pedal, valve tone v810

Aaron have you heard these pedals? i bought one last year from a guitar show, it was one of those last minute things, they were closing the place up it was 4.45pm and had 15 minutes to get out of the place, right near the exit was a pedal stand and they had a few boxes of these V810's left, they were at a knock down price of £15, and i bought one, and i have to say its the worst pedal i ever bought, i sold it on after owning it for a week for £42 on ebay, the guy i sold it to sent me a mail saying he didnt like it and was going to sell it on. they look great with all that chrome and the big Vox logo, but they realy are poor, hear one before you decide to buy.

Re: wanted vox pedal, valve tone v810

thanks for that but its too late i just picked one up for £68, (damn).... I had a Vox V830 which looks the same. It was hordid, very thin, no bass at all, Are you sure it was not that pedal you had?
The V810 is called the valve tone, and the v830 is the destortion booster!. I hear great reviews on the v810 i hope i like it now after spending that much on it. Still I could get it up on ebay for £50 or so!

Re: wanted vox pedal, valve tone v810

im sure its the same one, ive also heard the distortion booster and it too is just as bad, maybe you will like it, probably just my ears, but if you do decide to get rid of it and want an excellent overdrive pedal, check out the Pro Cat turbo rat, ive bought lots of overdrive/distortion pedals in my time, but nothing stands up to the turbo rat.

Re: wanted vox pedal, valve tone v810

got the pedal in the end. £68. Brand new in box from a collector.
It just what a wanted for my Laney VC30. It gives the drive more sustain and has a very VOXY tone. kinda AC30 sounding. The V830 has a good sound but its so thin, it cuts all the bass out, rubbish! the V810 sounds full and warm and is great for cords. not all that loud, so I use a hot cake after to boost the signal in to the preamp and it rocks. I have my sound now.
Thanks to everyone for all you reviews and help
Aaron (Shiloh)

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