The Reunion that should'nt have happend, any suggestions?

Just seen 'Cream at albert hall' on BBC4, oh dear, all i can say is im glad i did'nt buy the DVD, and to see the look on all those 50+yr old faces, thinking they are in the presence of gods, i saw 10 mins and switched back to Sponge Bob Square Pants.

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Your beloved Rolling Stones would fit into this category wouldn't they.... Everytime I see that latest promo pic they use I taste vommit. It's like a Retirement Village lawn bowls day photo shoot.

Worst but was The Eagles Hits Rehash Live, boring as bat shit.

Dont talk to me you snake in the grass!
bleeding ukrain??

anyway The Stones never ever broke up, and the latest CD is absolutly fantastic, i defy you to listen to it and tell me its time for them to give up, the last 2 CD's have been very good, they did get a bit lost in the mid 80's to the mid 90's, just a ten year dry patch..

Well I was thinking of the term 'reunion' as any of the old guys deciding to tour once last time.

Floyd is the only one I welcome, despite certain Waters vocal issues.

I once saw Crosby Stills and Nash, that was quite an ordeal, we got free tickets and the place was less than half full, it quickly thinned out after the whale music started up, big video screen of a blue whale blowing water out of the ocean, then Crosby walked on, i swear if the whale had thinning white hair and a tash.... it just could have been..

someone asked for proof, this is after 10mins of the blue whale mating call


The picture says so many words.

oh, and thats not me sitting there with the bald head. i have a full head of hair, and all my teeth.

From the pictures POV I'd say your the long haired hoodlum just waiting to cause a mass a Crosby, Stills and Nash fan riot after the show.

:shock: That's a frightening looking gig for CS+N. I've felt embarrassed playing to that many people in an English bar, never mind that size of auditorium.

For some reason, a couple of really awful, I mean totally dreadful, muso jokes have fallen into my head:

1) If they'd used whale mating noises at the start of a Floyd reunion, should the 1st guy on be Roger Waters?

I've got a feeling that most peeps won't get it; except the Brits, who'll understand immediately that the pun is rubbish.

2) If someone enjoys beating themselves with a penny-whistle, are they into flageoletion?

:oops: I've had a long day. Promise not to kill this any further, or post a "rubbish muso jokes" thread.

cease and desist

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