Good Beginner Acoustic?

Hi ladies and gents,

Who is making reasonable, but affordable acoustic guitars these days. I've taken a look at some Epis and plenty of low priced Fender acous elecs, but are there any particular models you would recommend? Or am I looking at a much for muchness scenerio.

A few...

Epiphone DR-100 -

Yamaha F 310 -,,CNTID%253D354%2526CTID%253D221000,00.html

Ibanez V70

Ashton D35

Price range $300. Buying for daughter.

Any advice most welcome.

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If it were me, i would lean towards the Epi, or maybe the Yamaha, spruce tops are nice, ive played a few Epis, and for the money they play very nicely, if you can see Crafter in the States, have a look at those too, i was very impressed by them.

I'm no expert on the subj, but I seem to remember the Yam F310 picking up a few "Best Buy" awards in its price range. Lee, you read the guitar mags - ring any bells?

I've played some very nice Washburn acoustics that didn't cost a packet. Give them a whirl too!

A non playing friend of mine asked my opinion on a good acoustic steel string to learn on, so i said i'd go to HIS local guitar shop and check out a good one, when i get there i play every sub £300 guitar on the wall, took all afternoon, in particular they had 6 Crafters all the same make and model and colour, one of them played like a dream, i took the s/no gave him my report and said get the Crafter Grand auditorium with this s/no, he thanked me said he would be going there on the saturday to pick it up.
I get a call from him on Monday morning, and what did he buy? a Washburn in Green burst! laminated top, with electrics, he said the salesman swung it and told him it had a £100 off (wonder why) and he got it for £299, he said come over and give it a play, i didnt have to. i remembered it well from my afternoon testing, it was awfull, dull, no ring, chokey on some of the higher frets and action like a cheese cutter, i went and played it and nodded and did all the usual 'yeah great guitar' bullshit, but why dont people listen? he told me he also didnt like the shape of the Crafter, and the salesman said the wasburn had a pickup and electrics in it, i suppose he just needs a nice PA to benefit from it.

Lee, this is a serious issue. NEVER listen to shop-sales if it contradicts an experienced mate's advice. Can we start a thread, can we start a thread? "The garbage I've heard from a music-store assistant"

Some of it (in my exp) is absolutely painful. It would be funny, except it costs enthusiastic beginners serious money. I detest some of these apprentice-sales-types nomarks. When I was 17, I knew almost every plug-in stringer inside-out. At that age, I'd've loved to be paid to prattle about "this is better than that" in a shop. Recently, I had to show some assistant that a Jazz doesn't have the same body as a Precision. "He'd only been there three months" :shock: .

On the bright side, he handed over the shop's trade-prices for the gear I was interested in. Bit of an eye-opener when it came to haggling.

Give him another three months and ask if he's worked out yet that the necks are different on a Jazz and Precision too.

Active and Passive pickups too.... any more?

A mate of mine has 2 Les Paul Studios amongst other gems...he does all his writing, fiddling about and practice on a Crafter acoustic because its just a kick-ass guitar.


They are astonishingly good for the money, i dont think you could beat it.
But im sure these guitars are not available in the States, i dont think there is an importer.

Thanks for the assistance folks. Much appreciated.

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