what is happening to mxtabs.net???

it hasnt been working lately and i heard since it doesnt have a license for tabs or somthing it is going to be shut down in 2006. if it does get shut down does anyone know of a really good tab site?

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Yes, this issue has been in the news lately. Apparently all people who put guitar tabs on websites are b*stards and should be thrown in jail.

It's an absolutely ridiculous state of affairs.

yeah, its complete crap


The way it works is that an artiste has a recording contract and a publishing deal. Napster and such have fallen foul of the record company's copyright. In the same way, all those tab sites and the lyric sites you can look up also break copyright of the music publishers.

Although it looks like it stinks, this is how your favourite band earns its money; from sales, playback and publishing royalties. If you download an mp3 from a free site, look up the tab and print off the lyrics from another, the companies receive nothing. Pretty soon, they stop investing in new bands because there's no money in it. I know I'm Devil's Advocate, but that could be bad news for the future.

I gave up on online TAB years ago, most of it i saw was pretty bad, and i always ended up using my ears to work it out, from a dodgy MP3 dowloaded from pre corprate Napstar, no way i was going to buy it.

:lol: , Chris Martin would be proud of you. Apparently, he hates people buying stuff from record companies :lol:

Nuffink wrong with ripping off record companies, duplicating copyrighted CD's DVD's and printed music, it's all OK so long as you dont get caught.

Guitarsite.com would like to remind Users that the personal veiws of registered users do not express the veiws or opinions of Guitarsite.com or any of it's sister or parent companies. Anybody know where i can get some cheap Recordables?

well does anyone know of a good tab site i can use?


if you can put up with the pop-up's.

sweet, thanks

Guitarsite.com would like to remind Users that the personal veiws...

Lee, you always crack me up. Merry Christmas, I know some good lawyers (must check on my latest eBay non-payer messages), happy new year etc,

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