Favourite bass riffs

Doesn't have to be just bass players with an opinion, and you don't have to limit it to a top 5 or pad it out to a top ten. Just mention those basslines that wobble your sloop. Here's some of my faves:

Gorillaz - "Feel Good Inc" (Is this a sample? and of what?)
"Starless" - from King Crimson's Red album
White Stripes - "Seven Nation Army" (it's a bass riff, even if not on a bass guitar)
"Love will Tear us Apart" - Joy Division

I'll think of some more later, but pip in with your own.

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A mate of mine was going to buy an Orange amp from A1 in Manchester but then Oasis (the story goes) bought it before he could get there.

I do remember that vibe though, the kind of 'a guitar shop's a place to hang-out you don't want to buy something do you?!' feeling you get when you walk in. My usual reaction is 'No, I don't. Bye.'

And I'm very fond of those private booths in London... :oops:

Lurching back on topic, a favourite bass line is McFadden-Whitehead's "Ain't No Stopping Us Now". There's no point at which the bass is uninteresting, yet no note is in there for the sake of it. Melodic all the way through. I'm not a funkyman myself, but Bernie of Chic also had butter oozing from his fingers. Some great lines that he made look irritatingly effortless.

'Lounge Act' by Nirvana, I always wanted to learn that line as a kid but at the time I was at more of a '...Teen Spirit' level of playing

I was going to put up that suggestion, Tim. It sounds a bit stilted when Novaselic does the first two bars alone but it's all-holy when everyone kicks in. As a total plucker, it's one of my faves on the "Nevermind" album.

'tis a good line, sounds fiddlyish but a dream to pogo along to, what more could you want? Aside from D'arcy playing it?

OK, so many to list it's pointless trying.

But only one has dominated my mind lately:

Grover Washington Jr - "Black Frost"

That extremely cool line (unison with a sax) that enters at 0:17 makes me wet my pants.

Not being a funky thumber, I had to look up and listen to the track. I'm not so much interested in the riff as that tone of his. Particularly on "It Feels So Good". Any idea what/how he was playing to get that sound?

Not that I'm slack or anything but where did you find it? saves me looking it up in my bit of free-time, sob sob, poor me, etc


I'm afraid I don't know, but it leaves an annoying hangaround that doesn't go until you shut down. Even more annoyingly, I can't even find the name of the bass player or if it's the same player on both songs. I'm assuming the bassist is a "he" which is a bit sexist. The guitarist and piano player's names crop up but not the four-plucker, as per usual. Wonder if different seession players were used? Certainly different instruments on the two tracks, surely. Do you have the album sleeve notes or credits KJP?

And another good bass line. Maybe not a favourite or future classic, but listen to the opening of Kaiser Chiefs' "Oh My God". Simon Ricks does a lovely walk on what is, vocally, one of the most tedious melodies I've heard.

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