For those with 26 Grand to spare on a guitar... has two 20 grand + Traugotts up for sale.

1998 TRAUGOTT BK-KOA $23,500

2002 TRAUGOTT -Brazilian $26,500

Mark says in his email he will only let one of the two go.

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:shock: This Gibson is a 100+yrs old

Vintage guitars (and I don't mean those cheap copies with the brand-name "Vintage") will fetch astro-prices but I wonder what the most expensive moderns (1990 on) would be? Electric and acoustic. I hope the top-dollar electric modern isn't one of those awful ltd ed Strats that tie in with Harley or Ford Mustang.

:shock: good ? Iwould think it would have to be somphin played by someone famous to fetch major bucks, I know Alvin Lee has been offered 500,000.00 for his 335 but that goes back to 69, but today after 1990 there is a bunch of good guitars out there, they really don't gain value till they are old, Most of the good stuff from the 50s has been grabbed up and accounted for. I personaly don't like anything fender has on the market, and gibson is all I play, but there quailty is gone down hill, on the new stuff and they have priced there selves out of most pockets.

Yes, I was wondering about the non-vintage guitars. I know what happens when it's Holy Grail stuff. I was on another forum when a '59 LP with all the case candy, original strings, untouched, came up on eBay (of all places; don't these people pay for proper auctioneers?)

Suddenly, much foaming at the mouth and talk of how $250k won't cover it. No, I'm just curious about what constitutes the most expensive guitar that you can 'phone up and order. It's probably hanging up in Ed Roman's place with "pay before you touch" signs :lol:

Interesting piece of trivia on Gibson. They're the only big manufacturer whose prices have gone up in real terms. Allowing for inflation etc, a '63 Strat took more of your wages back then than a 2006 would do now. But a Gibson takes more of your wages; you'd have been better off buying an LP in '63 even if it hadn't risen in value by anything more than inflation. How do they justify that, I wonder?

Don't get me wrong,I like quality stuff I think we all do,And when I make a purchase of an item at top dollar its because I expect top quality and performance! I purchased a gibson 345 the only gibson I have that you could call new, about 2 yrs ago, well its ok ,didn't really have a sound that I was blown away by, I was a little dissapointed, the intonation was off,I set that, after a year and not playin it much, the tone pots were broken,I had them replaced at my cost,because the gibson pots were cheap, I choose better pots, Then I came across a Epi Sheraton a guy needed to sell so I helped him out and bought it, After playi n it a while I was impressed with the whole guitar and the craftmenship was far above the 345 gibson, the new cost of the Epi was 599, I paid 3200 for the gibson,Iam a gibson lover however the new stuff is overpriced trash! Now I have spent another 1000 on the 345 to get it to preform the way I wanted and the Sheraton will still out prefome it! sad!!

Read an interesting article in Guitarist mag this month about lawsuit guitars, as you are probably aware, Gibson have just taken PRS to court over the 'single cut' model, stating that it was too much alike the Les Paul,
pretty stupid, looks nothing like it to me.

Anyway, PRS won and they are just putting them back into production.
The article was talking about the 70's Jap copies, they have a quote from Mike Robbinson of who said and i quote, 'ive owned and traded many 70's Tokai's, as most people will tell you the quailty was as good as the US originals and in some cases better, specificaly the Les Pauls'.
Other quotes from collectors state that the 70's Tokais are a better reproduction than the new 'reissues'.
If you can get hold of a late 70's early 80's Tokai, it will cost you about a 1/4 of the cost of a good 'reissue', i know where i would put my money.

People go mad for the 70's Fenders, why? the ones ive seen are not very good, i think people will buy anything so long as it has the Fender/Gibson badge on it, crazy.

As I've posted on other threads, I started having rock star pretensions in the late 70s/early 80s. Most of the seasoned pros at the time advised me to steer clear of the then-current Fenders and Gibsons and reckoned that Tokai and Ibanez were much better for the money. The story of how Fender headhunted Yamaha USA people, visited Tokai's plant, settled on FGG to make the Fender Japans, then stumbled in shock as the '57, '62 etc copies were presented to them is well documented on the web. I forget the name, but a Fender USA honcho was on record as saying that CA had been trying for ages to reproduce their "golden era" Fenders and Fuji-Gen Gakki just handed over instruments that were so good it almost made him cry.

I can't speak for Gibsons, but I have seen some '70s Fenders on Fleeb that still look like shockers. I remember one lefty Jazz bass that my German mate asked me to look at. The neck pocket overhung the neck by several millimetres. A '70s Jazz I looked at in the '90s was one of the worst things I'd ever attempted to play. In the case of the Jazz, I can see it's worth paying for a good one with those nice block markers and (if they're good'uns) the 70s Jazz pups are the raunchiest of the lot. Otherwise, I agree with Lee. I have no idea why they're fetching such money. Apart from the headstock, I would far rather spend one third of the money getting an early eighties Squier.

1bassleft wrote:
Vintage guitars (and I don't mean those cheap copies with the brand-name "Vintage") will fetch astro-prices but I wonder what the most expensive moderns (1990 on) would be? Electric and acoustic. I hope the top-dollar electric modern isn't one of those awful ltd ed Strats that tie in with Harley or Ford Mustang.

I did notice them selling those 100 thousand dollar martin D-100s on musiciansfriend.

Discounted to 80 grand to you, sir.
"SAVE $20,000.00 (20%) When You Buy Today!"




The latest review: "I find it plays exactly like the Ibanez V70CE"

:lol: . Good spot, Rob. Even weirder than the largely negative (sounds like an Ibanez) review are the positives:

My Stairway to Heaven solo now comes to life and my record sales are increasing

Says a 43 year old and

This guitar is very pretty. I bought it for my daughter who is starting ot take lessons

Coupla questions. how come a 43 yo bloke has to buy a $80k acoustic to make "Stairway" work and shift vinyl. Is he, possibly, a bit crap and living in Montana?
Secondly, who's the guy who buys his daughter a $80k guitar when she starts lessons. Lemme guess the girl's name - Veruka Salt? :lol:

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