looking for (lady luck fretless bass )

help iam looking for a lady luck fretless bass . i had one a few years ago. it was the best fretless bass i have owed.. any one know??????????????????? [/b]

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"Lady Luck" is a bit of a new one on me. However, I have seen a 6-string fretless Ibanez Soundgear on eBay.com which has "Lady Luck" on the headstock or truss cover. Could that be it? Searching eBay.com for 6-string fretless should find it (Lady Luck is buried in the description text).

Lady Luck Industries made a Lady Luck Bass.

8405 Hickory Nut Grove Road
Cary IL 60013

Phone: 847 639-8907
Fax: 847 639-7010

[email protected]

heck knows if that email works but.

Blue Book: LADY LUCK Instruments currently produced in Korea since 1986. Distributed in the U.S., Europe, and South America by Lady Luck Industries, Inc. of Cary, Illinois.

President Terresa Miller has been offering a wide range of imported, affordable guitars that are designed for beginning students up to working professionals. Lady Luck guitar models are designed in the U.S. (specifications and colors). Lady Luck also offers several models of electric bass guitars along with the line of acoustic and electric guitars.
In addition to the Lady Luck and Nouveau brands, Lady Luck Industries also distributes Adder Plus pickups and EV Star Cables.

:shock: I am not worthy. I bow before your superior engine, Mike :)

The power of Ye Olde Google.

AOL's searcher is supposedly "powered by Google" but it's obviously their one-litre diesel version. I used to have Copernic (or Copper knickers as I called it) which I really must re-install. It uses all the usual suspects then combines the probabilities to % out the most likely hits. Very handy when you get 978,786 hits with "bass tab for Luck be a Lady"

I will look up e- mail and phone #

Please let us know if the contact details work, jp75 :)

If you for some reason get this in the next couple of days and are still looking for a lady luck fretless, I have one that I'm trying to sell quickly. If you reply to this it will notify me and we can chat. Hope you get this, it is the sweetest lightest fretless ever. I'm just moving and need to get rid of it.

Lady Luck guitars and basses were Koren made in the late 80's andin to the mid 90's. A lady on the East Coast of the USA made the deal with the manufacturer and put them out with the name she chose , Lady Luck. They did OK in the low end to medium market for a few years.

In all honesty, they were no different than most all of the Korean made guitars and basses produced at the time for that price range. I am certain you can find a fretless bass of one of many brand names of that time that will do you a good job.

Good luck !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!(I mean Lady Luck)

Lady Luck fretless bass

Lightweight enough to carry around all day or night, with great playability and the sweetest acoustic tone I've heard from a solid body...wonderful jazz bass.

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