While my (bass) guitar gently weeps

Not wishing to tread on the toes of the General Guitar thread we know and love, but here's a little space for a bass that could've been treated more lovingly. I've already posted my Mustang bass elsewhere; hacked to pieces by a moron. Here's another that's been to the school of hard-knocks:


All credit to the seller for the honesty of the descn and for not taking the tempting route of dissembling it for parts. Could be a lovely '66 Mustang with those oval tuners, but here's the horrid bit:

Never mind the body refinish, the pickup hack and replacement, the naff mother of toilet seat pickguard, the black spray up the back of the neck. Nope, some idiot put a bit of masking tape around the dots and sprayed the fretboard black.

If ever a bass should be sold off for its hardware ('66 oval tuners, bridge with string dampers, serialed "F" neckplate vol+tone pots date coded etc). This is a bass that is worth less than the sum of its parts :cry:

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:oops: , just noticed that the original mini-P split pup is still there. Definitely worth a salvage or a professional re-fin but, in all honesty, might as well get a Japanese RI for similar money.

That is a bit of a beast!
I have problems with the word 'Vintage' (my Uni course featured many a debate on 'heritage', much of which applies here) tends to be code for 'enthusiasts revel in its failings, the general masses think it sounds a bit crap. That may be a little harsh but you get my point.
I was, at most, a quarter of the way through saving-up for a Hofner Violin bass when a guy in a seedy little Guitar shop forced me, I was very shy, to try the Aria...haven't looked back since. Looks crap, sounds fantastic, which is more important?

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