noise surpressors

i was thinking about getting the Boss NS2 noise surpressor pedal. i just recently got some new pedals and a pedal board. does anyone know if there are any better pedal surpressors i should go for over this. and does it really destroy tone that bad?

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I would always suffer a bit of hiss and crackle rather than use a Tone Sucker. Once you start playing nobody can hear the hiss or hum.
Are you playing with this rig in a band?

yea i am. i play in a rock/hardcore band. my other guitarist got one of these and it cut out all his hum. does it really make that much difference with the tone?

i play a les paul studio through a marshall jcm2000 tsl100

Mustard mitt, I've always found a noise limiter a total waste of money. Not up to the job for recording and, as Lee says, hardly worth the effort for the live gig. Made my bass sound ghastly. If the OD pedal is giving you grief, I'd be more tempted to find out why and rectify that directly.

Only one thing that scores more Duff points than a noise supressor when playing live, and thats a Reverb pedal, anyone use one live?
Saw the Black Crowes in London last month and every time they finnished a song you could hear a loud hum coming from one of the amps, but try to hear it when they start playing.
Searched through Guitar Geek's top ten artist rigs, and found only 1 noise gate (same thing??) user, EVH, but he used every effect he could find on his setup, and an early wireless system probably didnt help.
Heres the top 5

i guess ill have to mess around. the noise turns disguesting when i have my BBE sonic stomp pedal on, and when i turn on my line 6 DL4 it is un bearable. i mean im not in van halen. if the surpressor helps all that out i might go with it. i'd rather not have to buy it tho.

i've been using one for years no problems

make sure you keep your delay/reverb outside the noise cancelling loop

most of your pedal noise will go away if you use a decent power supply with isolated outputs eg voodoo lab pedal power

to prevent the pedals "sucking" your tone you need to buffer the guitar signal with a DI - plug your guitar into the DI and output from DI into pedals

unless you use your amps effects loop then it doesn't matter

(also i wouldn't use a multi-effect unit live :D)

oh believe me i would never use a multi-effects processor. but with my pedal board im gunna plug in the delay effects into the effects loop and then the tuner and the sonic stomp into the input. if i get the noise supressor and plug it into the pedals going through my input i think that might make it better? i wish i had my half stack home right now, i just brought it to my drummers house hah.

noise suppressor will cut off the lower vollume delays - can be useful though

whatever you are using effects the tone of the music you make !

so yes , a noise supressor will , but you need to know why you need one !

i use one occaionally , especially in conjuction with compression and overdrive.

they are very good if you 'need ' to reduce unwanted noise !

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