Hi, anyone can help?


I just purchased a classical guitar from a small second-hand stuff shop, the label in the guitar is :




I guess it`s from Spain. I have tried to search for information about this brand and the model through yahoo and google, but just few information could be seen.

I was able to see VICENTE TATAY Tomas and Vicente Tatay SRC but never could I find anything about VICENTE TATAY "S.L.".

Anyone has information about the item above? What is the model and how old is it? Is the "S.L." really come from the old brand Vicente Tatay or some one just put the label on and tried to pretend to be.

Any information related to the item will be appreciated. Thank you.


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One more thing please...

Does anyone know the value of this item?



A virtual "plethora" of references by pasting the name you listed into a google search. Of course most were in spanish so I didn't follow any but put it in and invest the time you should get something.

We are like a free valuation service here, maybe we should collectivly get together and charge.

Lee will probably kick my smart-arse and call me a smug git, but I'm hopping back to Spain soon and a lot of that label made sense to me. "Hijos de" means "sons of", "Poligono industrial" means "industrial estate" and "S.L" means "Limited Company".

Vicente Tatay was one of a number of guitar makers in Valencia in the early half of the 20th century and became quite successful. The business passed to his sons and has become a small factory business. Without seeing the guitar, I'd expect the value to be in the region of $250. I did find this useful link:


which is in English. Hope this helps.

Follow-up. Bandurrias and Lauds (or Laudes, in Spanish) are 12-string variations on the guitar/mandolin format. This site has some to view:


Thank you so much 1bassleft, you are a great guy!!

Your information is very helpful to me.

Thank you again.


Thats the last we will hear from him.

Unless of course he stumbles across another guitar with a bit of spanish on it, which loosley translates to 'Sons of the guns of the industrial estate'.
Buenos dias Senor.

Ooh, you're sore, Lee. In need of a holiday? :lol:

Mike did at least take time to post up thanks but, for long-suffering types like Lee, myself and SB of www.vintaxe.com, it is a bit dispiriting to see people disappear once they have the info. There's more to Guitarsite than just obscure valuations. My fave, though was the one that went something like:

zeroposter: What is this and what is it worth?
Lee: That's a Columbus; a terrible plank I once owned. Worthless.
zero(+1)poster: Get a life you sad ******
end of thread

Threads like that can really warm the cockles of a mod's heart. Hope you can take the time to have a look around the other threads, Mike (you'd be our 3rd "Mike" here) and chip in on anything that interests you.

On another note, I've often thought an "Acoustic" sub-cat would be a good idea if weren't bogged down with "what's it worth?" threads. Must be other useful subjects, like "switched to steels and my fingerpads hurt. What plasters do you use?" :lol:

I can almost feel the frustration these things must make for you-but I'm sitting here LMFAO. US Gold (Scott)

Do you remember the guy from Manchester Bass? whats my guitar worth?
usual 1 poster, he got all the info he needed, and someone gave him a bit of back chat and he started to say how sad we are, for having over 1,000 posts! havent we got a life?? and i thought out of that 1,000 half were replies to idiots like you!
It wasnt me he was refering to by the way.. :lol:

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