Time (signature) Bandits

This one will suit the proper students (and teachers) of the six-string.

I'm wondering how many well-known pop/rock hits out there are not 4/4? Because I'm not very properly "trained" and I don't do covers; I hadn't given it much thought. I've just joined a choir and suddenly realized how bamboozled I can get if it's not in 4/4 and I know a lot of better players than I who've cheerfully admitted it throws them. Even drum-machine "wubba-wubba-wubba" dance music is 4/4 mostly. I remember a hoo-hah that Adam Clayton and Larry whatsit Jr had changed the TV series Mission:Impossible theme from 5/4 to 4/4 for the M:I film because "people won't dance to it otherwise".

So, no mention of Dave Brubeck or obscure, prog-rock "Symphony for guitar, bass and batterie" references. What popular, chart-hit or classic tracks immediately spring to mind that aren't 4/4? Just wondering out of interest...

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Sorry to revive an old thread, but I was bored and there doesn't seem to be anyone else around, plus I hate to see posts un-answered.

How about Money by Pink Floyd, 7/8 time until it gets to the guitar solo where it goes into 4/4.

What's New Pussycat by Tom Jones, 3/4 time, or a waltz if you prefer.

"Golden Brown" by The Stranglers was another one in 3/4.

Didn't Gentle Giant like playing things in all sorts of crazy time signatures?

Good for Gordy; I hate to see a "0 replies" myself (especially when it's a thread of mine). Back to hymns being good for the (R) soul, I recently did "Morning Has Broken" with the choir. This was a 70s hit for The Artist Formerly Known As Cat Stevens. It's in 9/8 time, but doesn't seem that weird when you do it.

I had a friend of mine do a compo tape of pretentious, "challenging" music for me when I went up to Uni. One of the songs was by Gentle Giant. The time sig was weird enough and (IIRC) it was also a rondo. I can't remember the title, though.

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