Browsing through the Guitars on eBay - an impossible task!

Browsing through the guitars on eBay is now almost impossible due to the multitude of fake auctions "From China".

Why aren't eBay doing something about this? Surely other users must be getting fed up with it and are being turned away because they just can't be bothered looking through all the crap.

Yes, they are making money from these fake listings, but would-be buyers are being put off. Surely it's in money-grabbing eBay's best interest to get rid of this menace once and for all.

If anyone knows of a way of eliminating all "From China" auctions from a search please let me know. (Exclude words in Advanced Search doesn't work. Convenient, eh?)

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whats the point of "beautiful art guitar-3.99--phony gibson or fender--and those *&#@^! actually try to charge hundreds of $$$'s for shipping. It's garbage that E-Bay should never allow.

If they don't sort it out pretty soon then no-one is going to bother looking at all anymore. I, for one, am thoroughly pissed off with it.

I am unable to browse US or UK EBay-but my surf control at work lets me see AU Ebay and I looked at one that said "Gibson Les Paul" price started at .99$--looked at the pictures-headstock was actually branded "Gibson" and had the "les paul custom" handwritten type message----his shipping cost is shown as 435$AU----looked the his reviews because his rating was 100%--all chineese names--probably his family----how does this stuff go on---isn't Gibson concerned about
counterfeit and fraud on products bearing their branding?

To filter out China listings on eBay UK for example:

Say your in the guitars category, look for a menu on the left side called Search Options. From that menu select the location as UK only and then click show items down the bottom of that menu.

Sorry, MightyMike, that doesn't seem to work. Chinese sellers seem to be able to list themselves as "UK" sellers. If you think guitars are bad, try "PC components" :evil:

Worse than the "beautiful pretty coveted electric" (99p price, £120 shipping - you will actually get a guitar) are the total scams. I had a real bead on these for months (see G-site threads passim) but Fleeb doesn't want to know.

Basically, this is what happens. A Fleeber in the US or wherever has a 1963 Strat for sale. Starting price $4000, lots of pics, plenty of text.

Within a day, you get exactly the same auction; "1963 Fender Sratocaster", exactly the same pics and exactly the same text. Except for the payment bit. It's almost comical; it goes like this when you read the hijacked auction:

Description text:
"This mother SMOKES! I've had this pre-CBS baby since I was a pee-wee and it blows me out! Totally original - right down to the case candy!!!

Payment text:
I make good honest businessman. Bad problems many with the Paypal but you can be trusting total. Send bank transfer for 9000 Yuan to Ai-fook-yoo-eizhy getting you classic guitar cheaply very well!

Every time I flag this nonsense up to eBay, they tell me that it's none of my business. Only if "ebay", "scam" and "auction" appear in the same thread on a site like this do they actually kill an obvious ripoff. eBay make me sick.

Ah good point 1b. Fucking jackasses they are, it can't be put any other way. The scammers and the bay.

It comes to my mind why I have never bought any items from E-Bay and most likely never will--i want to see and feel what i buy before the bucks leave my hand. Scott

I've had plenty of guitars off eBay. Never had any complaints.

The most of my Fleeb purchases have been OK, glw. Just don't transfer 5000 Yuan to somebody in Beijing with a '58 Les Paul... :lol: Who do they think they're kidding? And I still don't know why Fleeb moves glacially, if at all, to sort these listings out

If anyone saw my ebay history, they would know I like purchasing Murder She Wrote fan fiction and tea bags from the 1920s.

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