I cant believe its the real Riff

I heard something quite startling the other day, i was transfering a load of MP3's from one drive to another, and i came across an ELO greatest hits folder, (old and dusty, hardly played) i clicked on a song called '10538 Overture' from 1971.
Paul Weller had a hit with a song co-written by himself called 'Changin' Man' the opening riff over 8 bars is exactly the same as '10538 Overture', note for note, even the same tone on the guitar.
Weller had blatently nicked that riff off Geff Lynne, but then i heard a story about The Verves 'Bitter sweet symphony' where they had supposedly (with permission) lifted The Rolling Stones 'Last Time' riff, and put it in the chorus of the song, its so far under stings, keyboards, bass drums and vocals that i cant even hear it, ive listened very carefuly too, anyway,
Allen Klein who owns the copyright to pre 1970 Stones songs, sued the Verve, he said they used a longer sample than they had agreed.
So The Verve settle out of court and sign over all the copyright to him.

After all that is settled, Andrew loog Oldham the Stones manager before Klein steps in and takes them to the cleaners, to add insult to injury, the song 'Bitter sweet' goes on to win a Grammy and Jagger and Richards get the credit!! and all this for a sample that i cant even hear!

So how the hell did Weller get away with the ELO stolen riff? maybe it all comes down to playing the notes yourself, and not sampling them.

Then i suppose Geff Lynn nicked that riff off of The Beatles with 'Dear Prudence' , But Weller of course nicked 'Taxman' from the Beatles for his and the Jam's 'Start' Single, which went to No1 for a few weeks.

Anyone know of any other stolen riffs?

(Keith Richards nicked 'Brown Sugar' off of me in 1970, but do you think i can prove it? and i was only 5, damned Stones legal team)

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great thread...

What did George Harrison nick from The Clfiton's He's So Fine for his My Sweet Lord.

Spandau Ballet stole the riff from themselves on True and than used it again on Round and Round and everything else.

i came across an ELO greatest hits folder, (old and dusty, hardly played)

Er-herrrm. And the "Thai Ladyboys" DVD belongs to a mate of yours, I suppose? :lol:

Weller's the biggest nicker ever. Ought to call his next band The Kleptoes. You're right about Start/Taxman but, even allowing for "David Watts" being a straight cover, many Jam songs reeked of Kinks, Small Faces etc.

Elastica's debut was riddled with lawsuits, particularly The Stranglers publishers couldn't help but noticing the similarity of "Waking Up" to "No More Heroes" and "Connection" was similarly pursued by the publishers of Wire's "Three Girl Rhumba".

As Mike pionted uot in taht spelilng way of his, Harrison got whacked for "subconciously plagiarizing" The Chiffons' "He's So Fine" vocal melody for "My Sweet Lord". He also got away with lifting the entire opening line "Something in the Way She Moves" from Apple Records signing, James Taylor. But he's George Harrison, so I'll forgive him most things.

Vocal melody. I see.

I know there are some that I always notice when i hear them, but I'll be dammed if I can think of them now.

ps, and in all seriousness, I have been "ripped off" by the majors. Not even subconciously; just the bad luck of r'n'r being so derivative that (sooner or later) a famous band will come up with the same riff that Joe Unsigned has been playing for years.

My song "I Can Take a Hint" had the bassline wholesale lifted by (of all people) Adam Clayton for the U2 song "With or Without You" two years later. Nothing I could do about it.

Even better, although most people won't know the signed act, was the case of a song called "Skunk" we did; largely based on my bassline. Nearly ten years on, I recorded off MTV a song by Biffy Clyro called "Only One Thing Springs to Mind". The bassline, right at the end, is a note-for-note (same key etc) ripoff of "Skunk". The guitarist and I fell about laughing when I stuck it in the tapedeck. They couldn't possibly have heard "Skunk", unless they happened to see one of our gigs. It's just one of those things that proves there's not a lot that's new in guitar riffs.

The hideous Coldplay ("dinner party music") recently had a hit with a song called "Talk", the entire melody of which was taken note for note from Kraftwerk's "Computer Love". Apparently Chris "What stupid name can I give the next sprog?" Martin had written a crawly bum-lick letter to Ralf Hutter to ask permission, but it still irks me that people think it's a Coldplay original.

In all fairness I also wrote 'with or without you' and I was only tuning up at the time (still a kick-ass B-line tho!)

In my old band we covered Wild Thing by the Troggs, having learnt it I realised I had learnt quite a few other 60's songs and probably 50% of the Troggs set.

You've got to play "Wild Thing". It's a tradition or an old charter or something.

:oops: , Reminds me of another confession. As a Fresher, I was taken by a bunch of pill-munching goons in my house to see The Eden. Not a bad gig although, if effeteness were mass, they'd've been sucked into their own black hole (and probably enjoyed it). Anyhoo, they had a tradition of ending the gig with an uber-camp rendition of "Wild Thing". Hyooge pause as Robert John Godfrey (I think that's the guy's name - remember, The Smiths were a long way off yet) kept explaining that they couldn't start because they were still looking for the support act's bass player to join them.

"He's a bass player!" kept shouting my sulphate-sucking chums, pushing me onto a stage that was barely shin high. Godfrey was bemusedly wondering whether to hand me a (right-handed, not that it mattered) bass while I was desperately trying to claw my way back off; finally doing a midget version of the stage-dive about seven years before Cobain ever thought of it. The support-act bloke finally put me out of the embarressment.

That's by the by... :oops: Anyone notice that Transvision Vamp's "Baby I Don't Care" was just "Wild Thing" with a different vocal?

classic :lol:

I'd die if I had to get up and play at a gig (apart from my own!) my other half was trying to volunteer me to lead the clapping at our local open-mic night and I was practically under the table trying to hide!

1bassleft wrote:
Anyone notice that Transvision Vamp's "Baby I Don't Care" was just "Wild Thing" with a different vocal?

I'm sure I put that on a thread somewhere? I distinctly remember the first time I heard that song as I could suddenly play two covers, not just one...

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