Antigua Mania Sweeps London (especially GLW)

I finally did GLW his Fender Antigua squares for reaching 500+ posts, but the final result looks like it could be a number of things, including a chicken. Nevertheless, feast your eyes on what will always be remembered as the colour only a mother could love.

GLW, what would you like in place of 'Lover of Fine Antigua'?

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Michael wrote:
We don't turn out much of anything worth watching.

Oh, I dunno. I've seen plenty of great Aussie films. Certainly better than the shite that Hollywood churns out. As fo TV, "Kath and Kim" is one of the bext comedies of recent years from anywhere.

Michael wrote:
Best aussie horror film in years Lee. We don't turn out much of anything worth watching. Yet it's hard for us aussies to take John Jarrett, aka the killer, seriously, considering the amount of times we've seem him Handy Andy a cupboard on TV and f'up "Happy Christmas" come December.

How did they know what happened to those girls? the guy who escaped and told the story was the only witness, and he didnt see much of anything? Still a great film though, 'Head on a stick' still makes me cringe.

Take "the based on true events" statement very lightly Lee. Whilst it does take a little from the backpacker murders/Ivan Milat case, the whole story in Wolf Creek case is pretty much fiction. Except for the fact we all drink more than the poms :)

Oh I agree GLW, on the TV end of things. Our film industry has hit rock bottom but in recent years. Wolf Creek was our first mainstream hit for a while. The makers of SAW also hit it big, but that was technically an American production.

If you want quality aussie TV, get your hands on Frontline DVDs or The Games DVDs.


Last night I took the Antigua Strat around to its new owner in Putney, London, and he was absolutely thrilled with it. He kept saying "Thank you, thank you..." and I thought, you don't have to thank me you;ve already given me the cash for it.

It was in absolute pristine condition. It looked like it had never been played and I think he was impressed with that.

After that we went to see a gig by Wreckless Eric (you always get your money's worth with Eric!) and Amy Rigby. Anyone here heard of her? She's well worth checking out, and she can't half thrash that Gibson J45.

You sure you gave it to the right person? maybe you got the address wrong? banged on the next door neighbours door and handed it over.
I would say 'thank you, thank you' if i got a free Antigua Strat, but whilst smiling i'd be looking around for the half empty tin of Nitromoors paint stripper, and that stack of sandpaper i bought from B&Q on offer.

Just 5 mins with an orbital sander and it would once again be a playable Jap Strat.

Don't be daft, it looks quite nice.

He did pay me for the guitar, you know.

just out of intrest, how much did you get for it?

I asked £350 for it.

Which is what my Ovation cost me.

As far as I'm concerned it's one guitar for another.

good money, must have been in mint condition.

It was in "as new" condition.

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