Left handed noob says"hello!"

Firstly, may I say what a great site, although it usually seems a bit quiet when I visit.
Been playing guitar for over twenty years, rock bands, soul bands, even a blues duo. These days I just play for my own enjoyment.
I currently own a Gordon Smith G60. Great to play but very battered.
Epiphone Sheraton. Sexy looking and schmoove.
Yamaha Pacifica 112. Very good for a budget plank.
Ozark Resonator. Loadsa fun with open E tuning.
Yamaha FG420 acoustic. Enjoys a good BBQ.
Fender Jazz Bass. Mmmm.
My first guitar was a Zenta Telecaster bass. Anybody remember those?
Horrible thing, but it got me into my first band.

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Welcome aboard Gordy, Nice collection of guitars you have there,
Funny how most people have a 'BBQ' guitar, usualy gets thrown around in a soft case, few dents, strings are the originals thay have been on there for 12 yrs, and an action like a cheese cutter.

Welcome aboard, or to a-board.

Urrrg, you know your losing it when forum humour gets that crap.

This is the man who has soft toy 'Crazy Frog' on his PC.

Gordy, fellow Lefty, hello and welcome :)

The great thing about the 'net is finding out that we don't all play the Squiers hanging on the local music shop wall. Did you ever go through that "started out on a righty" experience? That was no fun. It amazes me how many lefty instruments I've bought have been hacked by a righty? Couldn't they find a genuine righty in the shop :?: :?

Hi guys, and thanks for the warm welcome.
Yup I went through the "using a righty" experience.
An Eros Blackbird acoustic *shudders*.
It's taken me a long time to get my collection together, and it still boils my piss that leftys have to pay a premium for the priveledge.
Strat style guitars are a problem for me due to my playing style, I've got a bad habit of hitting the pick-up selector. If you watch Gary Moore his picking hand looks very similar, pick between forefinger and thumb, other three fingers splayed out. I should add that we neither sound or look alike!

:lol: , and that little-finger-on-vol-pot can be a struggle. Upper fret access is a real drag with a righty Stratty swap, too. If anything, buying a lefty guitar in the 80s or 90s was even more of a nightmare. First time I went on eBay, I nearly wet my knicks at all the instruments I could buy. Had to restrain myself...

There's no feeling quite like playing your first proper lefty 8)

I know exactly what you mean about eBay, the only problem is you need to trawl through an awful lot of rubbish. Bit like kissing frogs to find your prince(ess) I suppose. :wink:

I think you 'Leftys' should have your own forum, you could call it 'Moaners Corner' , if you ask me, its just not natural playing guitar left handed, next you'll be asking for left handed picks, and upside down inside out volume pots (incidently, that thing with rolling the volume off accidently, it happens to us Right Handed - Normal - players too, you cant hijack that one on your crusade) :lol:

Also i bought some equipment from a guitar player in South London, he played left handed with a right handed guitar turned upsided down - Hendrix style- but with the strings upside down too. as a right handed player i could play his guitar without adjustment.
So if you dont want to pay premium prices, then why not re-learn to play guitar in this unorthadox style? :wink:

Gruff Rhys from Super Furry Animals is one such lefty who plays a righty-strung guitar upside-down.

I believe that Dick Dale is another guy who does this trick, hence this is why on the Fender Dick Dale sig Strat the bridge pickup is angled in the other direction so you can obtain a more accurate representation of his sound.

Wasn't it Guitarist magazine who once ran an April Fool's article about left-handed strings (wound in the opposite direction)?

Leftyism just isnt normal is it? but i think it's great the way we accept them into society and allow them to go to 'normal' schools, and they even get charged the same amount to travel on right handed buses.
Of course when it comes to guitars i think they should be forced to play right handed, it just doesnt look right.

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