Over rated Guitarists.

We all have our favourite guitar players, and we all like them for different reasons. But, what about the ones, in your own opinion, don't deserve the adulation and hero worship that goes hand in hand with being famous.
I don't want this to turn into a huge "flaming" session, but here's my 2 cents: The Edge. Yes, he does have an instantly recognisable sound, but blimey, you'd think he'd have developed a bit more over the years :roll:

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Fair point, Gordy. I have the same complaint about Adam Clayton on bass. 80s headband-sporting Sultan of Dull (Mark Knopfler) gets my nod as the most over-talked about.

Too many to mention... I suppose it's all down to personal taste. They may be accomplished players but it doesn't mean we have to like what they do.

Gary Moore, the only thing that changes about him is the image.

Noel Gallagher anyone?

Was he ever rated?

glw wrote:
Was he ever rated?

Believe it or not 'Smash Hits magazine' poll of 1996 had him above Jimi Hendrix and Jimmy Page by a long shot, and rightly so, he has a very unique style of playing which is very hard to mimic.... unless you used to be in the Beatles or a Beatles tribute.

'99.9% of topic reply statistical analystical data is made up on the spur of the moment'

Oh, those magazine polls only reflect who's popular at the time. If you're a guitarist in the latest trendy band then you get nominated. It's nothing to do with ability.

There was just a hint of sarcasm in my reply. I did'nt want to make it too obvious though.

I know Lee likes the chap, so this is in all seriousness...

I was in a changing room with a new suit when "Wild Wood" piped over. That was my slowest ever change of trousers. Too much is made of the solo widdlers; that man Weller creates a fantastic set of chords and is one of the best, true rhythm, guitarists to exploit them. Oh, and he comes up with a good vocal melody - just to be annoying. The git :)

Hence the lifetime acheivment award from 'The Brits' this year.
Have a listen to 'You do something to me' the solo is very uncomplicated, lots of space and lifts the song, its one of the best ive heard.

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