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Please Help Me! I have no idea abouty the different types of guitar but can someone please tell me the difference (If there is one!) between a Bass Guitar & a Electric Bass Guitar!! I urgently need help!! Please!!! Thanks![/b]

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Bass has mostly 4 strings, most standard electric guitars have 6 strings, the strings on a bass are thicker and heavier and so produce a lower tone.

Thanks Lee

Actually Lee's description tells the difference between a bass guitar and a regular six string electric guitar - which may be what you wanted to know.

But the actual difference between an electric bass, and just a bass... well there isn't one except that it may be someone trying to distinguish between an electric bass and an acoustic bass. But mostly when people refer to bass, they mean electric.

Thanx Jason! :D

sorry london_boy i didnt read your question properly. it is as jason discribes.

Ok well thanx both of you! :lol:

If I can chip in...

London Boy, there are as many (if not more) variations on "bass" as there are guitar. Can you be little more specific about what you want to do, or what you've been asked to do?

I'd be happy to reply, but I don't want to fill bandwidth unless I have a rough idea of what you're thinking of playing. Welcome to bass, though :)

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