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Hopefully I start something here with "gear pictures" post 'em guys(&gals)
Sorry in advance if these pictures are too big!!

I don't actually yse the Peavey MKIII anymore but I keep it around for back-up. I use the Yorkville Bassmaster 800 in a Gator road case now.

These are the old style electrics that I have. On the left is a Guyatone 4 and the right is my '67 Framus (the reason I could answer some questions in a previous topic in guitar stuff)

These are my fav's on the left is an Ibanez SR400 and on the right is an SR405. I use these when playing live.

These are my speaker cabs. On the top is an Eden 2x10 and on the bottom is a Peavey BW1505

these are the only pedals I use in my set-up: Boss tuner (TU-2) digital delay (DD-3) and overdrive (ODB-3)

I dont use my Fender acoustic too much on stage but man it sounds good LOL. The Simon and Patrick six string is just so I can fake being a guitar player LOL :D [/img]

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Hey Bassman, some nice stuff you've got there...I want the Framus!

I think all my gear has been dotted around different posts and it's all cheapy stuff but here goes:

My main bass, Aria Pro II MAB20

My new (and first) acoustic, Vintage...something

Boss LMB-3 and Peavey TNT150

Somewhat modded old Framus (50s?)

Very much abused (mainly not by me) Epiphone SG

Nice gear Man!!! I want your Framus LOL. Looks like you like the vintage stuff too. Kick A** dude!!!

Thanks Bassman, It's kind of a collection of what I could get cheap/free the Aria was tested and chosen but still on a tightish budget, the rest happened to come along pretty much.

It might just be us 2 at the mo as 1BL is of on his hols but there are a few bass players who drop in, be interesting to see what they all play, hint, hint...

But for now, I can hear the pub beckoning :P



My German mate Arni has a great site for drooling (especially a lefty like me). Goto and click on "My basses" and "Equipment". I can beat him on equipment but he has more basses than is sane.

Here's a couple of mine, a Jim Reed BE5 (my fave) and a Fenix Jazz:

The Fenix is good, lake a late Jap Squier, but I rarely play 4-string. I also have Cort Action V to back up the Jim Reed. As often happpens, I tend to play the backup more often than the nice one in the case. My amps are on another thread here so I won't bore everyone.

As you'll know, Jimmy (JLR, Boogieman) has a collection of classic old Precisions amongst other basses. He's having trouble uploading, but you can see them here:

Don't worry about the nasty pixellation; click on a bass and everything comes up nice and clear. Love those early Ps.

I think that URL is missing some code 1b?

:? , It doesn't seem to work directly for me either, Mike. OK people, I suggest you goto Jimmy's website,

and click on the "gallery" button at the bottom and take it from there.

OK, I said I wouldn't bore everyone, but I can't help myself. Here are those yummy valve amps I like to play through. Full descriptions are on this thread:

but here I'll just do the pics:

CMI (Marshall) 100W Lead/Bass head

Laney PA Super 100. Recently sold, :cry: , but I might pick up a replacement if finances permit.

Fradan Echomatic 50. Valve-driven tape echo with built-in 50W amp (similar to a Watkins/WEM Joker)

8W 6V6 amp made for me by a friend in LA. Similar to the Fender Champ circuit.

Selmer TV100PA MkII. Ugly, nasty paint but working and a bit "HiWattish" sounding.

WEM Dominator MkIII (I've recently bought a MkII to send to my LA chum)

Dallas Scala 515. Tatty, painted black (originally a green/grey pattern), but works fine.

Impact 60 (library pic - mine is tattier and does not have matching cab).

Lastly, I recently bought a '79 Park (Marshall) 100W combo. I haven't taken a pic, but it's similar to this 50W version on Fleeb recently:

Again, mine is tattier, no logo and I think the grill cloth is non-original. I'll probably sell this Park - it's incredibly heavy and too loud just to keep in the rehearsal room.

If you had to sell em all except one, which do you keep.. eh?

It'd be rude to sell an amp made for me by a friend, but the keeper is the CMI. First of my amps, and still the best sounding. Just like (in fact, almost the same circuit) to the Superlead/Superbass MkI a la Hendrix blahblah.

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