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My husband has a Supro guitar that he is hoping to get some info on (age, model, value, etc...). Does anyone know where I can find this information? Is anyone out there at all knowledgeable when it comes to Supros? It has a red plastic body with white plastic pickguard, "Supro" on the headstock, and a wooden neck. Any help would be awesome!! Thanks!!

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There's a bunch of catalogs here but you'll need to subscribe to see them:

Hey glw, thanks for thinking about me. I just added another Supro catalog to the site this morning. I hope everyone understands that given the quantity and quality of guitar literature I offer I just can't afford to do it for free. You would faint if you knew how much I spent on catalogs last year, the subscription fee helps but doesn't come close to allowing me to break even. The time I spend scanning, editing and uploading images is a freebie.

meganp, if you are interested in selling this instrument, the more you know about it the more money you will make. Knowing the specific year, model, specs, etc will translate into a higher selling price. You will easily recover the small expenditure you make to research the instrument.

Good to see all is well here at Guitar Site, this is a great community.


Nice to see you again, SB. Without having read this post, I wrote almost exactly the same thing in the thread asking for a valuation on a '57LP. Anybody'd think I was on your sales team but there's coincidence for ya :)

Thanks Bass,

Isn't there an old saying along the lines of "great minds think alike". I do appreciate you directing people to my online catalog library when it is clear their question could be answered by doing a little basic research on their instrument. I sometimes feel a little uncomfortable making that suggestion on someone elses forum since I don't want the mods to think I'm on their site trolling for business. However, in many cases a poster's question can be answered definitively if they would simply invest in a one month subscription to the catalogs.

Stop by VintAxe next time you get a few minutes and check out my site update. I appreciate your support, sb

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