8) Be interesting to find out what brand up pickups all of the mighty Bass Players in the world use or want to use . 8) What do you like ? What do you hate ?

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I like basses (and their pups) that really made me sit up and listen to them. I've got a bagfull of pups intending to build/modify some basses but time and total lack of woodcutting ability have left them mostly in the bag. In no particular ('cept chronology of liking them) order:

Ric 4001 (bought a 'hobnail' neck pup)
Musicman Stingray (I bought a genyooine Stingray 5 pup)
Telecaster Bass Humbucker (great sound, eg Beck-ola, but expensive on eBay)
Jazz neck pup, really changed my "whack-whack" style to something more subtle. Bands with 70s Jazzes (Killers, Strokes, Morrissey's bloke) also have a great sound using the bridge pup. Non-Fender bridge pups just don't have it. I bought a Fender Vintage to stick in the otherwise excellent Fenix sometime.

What I really dislike are basses with a pair of soaps smack in the middle of the body, about half an inch apart. My Jim Reed is like that and it's pointless switching pups.

Hey man, you have some mighty hip and groovy weapons to defend the low end !!!
1Bass, I am a serious EARLY Fender P Bass ( Tele Shape ) collevtor. I have every year from 51 through 57, then early 67 thru 75. I also own evey non Tele shape P Bass from 57 through 65. I'll cut it short here, but I own over 100 basses. When I have to rewind a pup, my main man is Wolfe NacCloud in Seattle ( www.wolfetone.com ) Jason Lollar has wound some for me ( Lollar Guitars ) as well as Dr. Pete Biltoft ( www.vintagevibe.com ) I like ny pickups hotter than a Mexican pepper !! I am not, never will be, and hope to never stand to close to a "finger popper" style player. I can appreciate the style and the time it takes to perfect it, but the Bluesmen I play with would end my life very quickly if I let the Grease Out Of The Groove and did even one pop-whack line. I play thundering loud Blue and Blues-Rock. The hot pickups and the big Ampegs just keep the foundation down.

Maybe we can trade some bass oics if I ever get this computer figured out !

Gotta go man, I am backstage at a Blues Festival and due to CRANK IT UP in 10 min.


Hope it goes great, Jimmy.

Just to make clear, I don't own a ton of basses, I was talking about the ones I liked from listening to records or, better still, live bands. I went through a phase where I thought I'd start making, or have made for me, basses featuring some of my favourite pups. I've bought the pups but getting the basses made hasn't really worked out. I'm still holding onto the parts just in case I can kickstart it again.

As for the pics thing, I'll PM you my email address. If you're having trouble uploading, I'll put them up to Imagestation myself and then post them here. I love both the unsplit, single coil (I got one of those pups, too) '51-'54 Precisions as well as the humbucking Tele bass. Your annual P-purchasing amounts to a seriously valuable collection, would love to see some pics.


This is obviously someone's favorite bass pup. Look at the price and how many days left to go :shock: :shock:


By the time I got this and clicked onto the link it had either been sold or pulled off of the auction. If it was high priced I bet I have a story you would like. A guy in Texas has a mint shape original 1952 Fender P-Bass. Somebody had replaced the original pickup with a Duncan 1/4 Pounder. He advertised for a verified 1952 pickup. He found one and paid $3950.00 for it. Lots of money in the vintage stuff !!!! :!:

The same seller had an unusual Ric 400 pup (with 8, staggered "hobnail" poles) that he also pulled near the auction end. Obviously a seller who prefers to yank the auction rather than set a reserve. I fancied the 4000 pup for an 8-string idea. The other one was, IIRC, about $1200. I knew that pre-CBS Strat stuff went high, but never imagined a bass pup would go for $3500. Who was the pillock who junked it for a Dunkmore Semen :?: :shock: :roll:

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