Alembic/Wal Style Basses: The affordable solution.

I know this topic has been adressed a bit before, and i could just ask this question in a previous board, but i just hope a new topic will grab some additional attention.

I just would like anyone who knows, to give me a list of a few basses that suite the style of an Alembic, or Wal, in its sound and playing style, but are not in it's league.
I can't afford these basses, yet it's exactly what I want, and I dont know any others that are like them, that are within a more modest price range.

I'm just sick of randomly picking up basses and trying them. I'd like to have a little more of an idea of things to look for(pickups/wood/electronics, w/e) instead of just pulling the prettiest ones off the shelf, and hoping it sounds good.

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Anyone got anything to say about the Washburn XB925 5? Mahogony body. I've never played one (obviously something I have to do first), but from what i see, and have heard, it seems close to what I'm looking for. Mohogony body, rosewood fretboard. I'm a little concerned about the pups. I'm not sure if rails like those are what I need. But i know very little about pickups, and pickup placement.

Have not seen many helpful replies on your question. I own several Alembics, and what can be said for them is that they indeed get their own sound. Several of my bass player friends have tried to get the Alembic sound, but not pay for it. Each person will give you a different view, and you should research them all. However the only way to get the Alembic ( Wickersham ) sound is either own one or install the Alembic made pickups in your bass. There are many great basses in the world and I do feel that they all get their "own " sound.

Good luck with your search for " A " tone !!!! 8)

Apols Mack, I've been on Hallowe'en and Bonfire duty. You'd have to consider a self-build/design, which is a lot easier if you live in the US rather than elsewhere, or modifying an existing bass with a "close to" spec.

As I mentioned in previous replies, I'm unusually lucky for a lefty in having played a Wal at a gig. I own a Jim Reed that's similar (the JR has, for info, a 5-piece through-neck of maple and mahogony, mahogony wings capped with koa and a rosewood fretboard). It's not like the Wal enough, though. I'm sure that most of it is the electronics. Sure, the wood's a good start (I have a Cort; bolt-on alder blah blah that'll never come close) but the pup and preamp will make or break it.

Occasionally a Wal or Alembic pup comes up on Fleeb (more likely in the US and shipping to the UK is an easy job) but they're highly expensive and then you have a routing problem. I would advise that you look up Bartolini's website. I haven't done in years, but it was full of really good info; about tone and pickups and placement and just everything. They don't just want to blah blah about whatever models they're selling and leave it at that. Moreover, you can (or could when I used to seriously look) contact them, talk about what you're trying to achieve and they'd come back with points I just referred to.

Bartolini tend to be darker and warmer than the average bear, anyway. Let me know what you think if you do check them out and have a yak with them.


One other thing. I sound like I'm trumpeting for him (and I am) but pop a look at my mate Arni's website, You might not be a lefty, but click on his "my basses" link and you'll see has a lot of basses to compare with his Alembic.

If you contact him, and say Oz pointed you there, I'm sure he'll be happy to discuss with you the Alembic in comparison with others.

Thank you so much.

Those are certainly some excellent pointers, and references. Thanks for the help. I'll be sure to check those sources out pronto.

I'll let you know what turns up.

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