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does anyone know what kind of wireless system angus young uses for his guitar?

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Havent got a clue, but one thing i do know, SG rocks!!

Pardon me, this isn't meant to be offensive, but does it really matter? I don't understand the Q. If it's all about capturing the "Angus Tone", then the wireless system used is a real "so what?" aspect. Angus tends to play in slightly different venues to the ones we're used to. If stuck on "Trivial Pursuit", it looks like has answered your question.

You're not seriously going to buy Angus-alike Samson UT-5 and UR-5 stuff are you? I'm not trying to poke fun or appear clever, I'm wondering why it might be worthwhile. It won't make a heap of beans in the Rat and Ferret or even the bedroom.

End of two cents

Sorry, I do realize my post looks acerbic. In all humility, I suggest you don't go out and buy the stuff. It will make no earhole difference to anybody. Also, apols if you were just asking out of interest to satisfy curiosity - not a "money no object, must replicate tone" type. I'm normally laid back, except when I think hard-earned money is about to be chucked needlessly (and not at me :) )

You had me laughing there Bass, i coffed up me coffee! ive never seen you swing your handbag before!! and all over a wireless system!! priceless.
Well Angus uses a 'Naddy' SE2100 system, it has 6 bands but no encoder/decoder on the Trisentium modulator, i know this because 2 years ago the great AC/DC played Wembley and i took my SG along to get it signed, on the way up there i stopped at the wembley centre guitar shop and bought me a Naddy sysytem, the bloke swore by them, so i go in to wembly get the Naddy out and guess what?? i think you are getting there before me, yep i switched on the naddy and cut Angus out over the PA, and i played all his solo's all night and nobody knew but me!!! and..and..and ok so im a big fat liar, keep swinging the handbag bass.

:) I can imagine the camp "whoooo!" noises :wink: . Honestly, I had a quick look and check, meaning to do a "BTW, I wouldn't actually get one just to sound like him"

You're right; as soon as I re-read the post, I could see what an aerosol I looked. Only chickens delete, so I did a follow-up. HST, when I see a "Did EVH use Lucky Strike to get the cig-burns on the headstock? I tried Camel on my Wolfgang, but it doesn't match" I do tend to :shock: :? 8)

Not saying the first post was one of those, but there are some out there. Not wishing to be totally anal, Lee, but it would've been a Nady :wink:

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