did you ever play a 9 string bass?

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Guy, that's a complete waste of time. I do think a 9-string makes sense, though. It is a bass that has the 8-string E---B with the octaves but there is also a low B. There is no need for an octave B. I'd buy one, but I won't buy those basses with so many strings that a light aircraft can land on the fretboard :shock:

Hi 1BL
I guess this kind of guitar offers more possibilities.But i'm always wondering how people (how women!!...take a look at the link) can play with so large necks....
I never tried...maybe i would like. :wink:


I know of the French bass player, Yves Carbonne. He plays basses made for him by Noguera; including an 8-string. You can see it here:

and hear him playing it here:

From reading Yves' latest info on leftybass.com, he's now got a 10-string bass :shock:

1bassleft wrote:
I know of the French bass player, Yves Carbonne.
From reading Yves' latest info on leftybass.com, he's now got a 10-string bass :shock:

.....last model....A 12string =>

Crikey, Guy. From a low-low F# or G to human-hair B? That just seems barking to me (and not really a bass anymore). 13-bolt neck; there's just so much to look at. Bonkers, but impressive.

Man, if I win the lottery I may well be calling 'Jerzy Drozd'...but not for one of those, it's hideous, but that workmanship in a solid body BEAD 4-string or possibly an F# 5-string, hmm...

In any case, thanks for (once again) broadening our minds a bit, cool.


How are you doing my friends?

I was sure about one thing : that kind of bass has to be played like a stick.

Check out this video , 1bl and Tim....I know that you could do that!!

Thanks for the Jean Baudin link - now I can hum along when my sprog is on his Nintendo DS playing Mario. I don't have an 11-string myself so I have to make do with playing the lead with my hands and the bass on the 5-string using my toes. I'd post up a vidclip but I have such terrible looking feet. I'm sure you'll understand :lol:

farrrrk. I just looked at that fat 12 string.

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