angus young signature SG....

anyone ever tried the angus young signature SG? i heared it wasnt very good from reviews on the net. you may have seen my other thread about the les paul classic or standard, well now i have a third option, lol the angus SG. give me your opinions. thx

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i think some people expect a lot from signature guitars and they dont usualy come up to scratch, they are not 'Custom Shop' guitars and are usualy the standard models of the range with custom sized necks and a few hardware changes, you need Angus's fingers to get the angus tone, it is a very good guitar, but is it worth the money? to a real Angus fan, maybe. At least the Angus SG has a custom pickup (not available from your local guitar store) and a custom maestro Lyre Trem (definatly not available from Gibson, not even the standard ones), aged body as well.
on the other end of the scale is the SG standard, its half the cost of the Angus but not half the sound, it has standard stock pups, 490r and 490t's, and give that glorious SG rock sound, but then in the middle is the SG 61' reissue, this is the often overlooked jewel in the gibson crown, it has the slim neck, classic humbuckers and looks great and the finnishing is a lot better than the Standard, IMHO the one to go for is the 61' reissue, if you are on a budget then maybe the Standard or even Special ( i dont like the special because of the lack of binding on the neck) but if you are an Angus nut, then go for the Sig. I have the Standard but i love all SG's and i want them all NOW, so if you have any unloved or unwanted ones send them on to me. (especialy the Pete Townshend Sig)

i dont care that the fact that is his signature, i just want a good all around guitar and i cant deicde between the sg, les paul classic and les paul standard

then you probably want the LP standard, its the best all rounder out of the 3.

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