How much is your guitar worth -- Find date and value.

N.B: This is a work in progress. I'd like everyone to contribute. Your help adding to this thread will help many players and guitar enthusiasts.
Last updated: July 17 2007.

Okay, you've just found a junk pile acoustic in your basement. It has a mark on it which is either wet damp setting in or Bo Diddley's signature. Your pretty sure it's Bo's signature though, so you turn to the net to confirm. Which brings us to you being here. Is your guitar worth 44 cents or 44 thousand?

Chances are it's not even worth 44 cents or his signature, but rather a good sign the foundations of your house are about to cave in. Nevertheless, if you like turning a blind eye to reality (and who doesn't), here's how to find out:

Visit eBay

Search for your guitar on eBay. This will give you an idea of what the market is willing to pay.

Blue Books

Comprehensive information and up-to-date pricing on plenty of guitars.


Multitudes of guitar catalogs.

Online Appraisal

50 bucks for an appraisal from Gruhn Guitars out of Nashville, TN.

Dating your guitar

If all else fails

Ask us here in the forum. But please remember to provide pictures and as much information as possible. It takes us a fair bit of time to research the guitars people ask us about, so we can't check everyone.

Users who post often to the forums and make such requests are more likely to be helped out.

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Users who post often to the forums and make such requests are more likely to be helped out.

Mike means, "Regular contributors to other threads who then post up a 'what is my guitar worth?' are more likely to have their question answered."

He did not mean, "Visitors who continuously bombard us with 'Here is another one I have found and have not bothered to check because I know you guys will do it for me again' are more likely to be helped out."

Just thought I'd better clarify that...

I'm trying to figure out ANYTHING about my guitar, other than the fact that its a samick, and electric. I've gone over every inch of it looking for a serial/part/model number and can't find a thing. Am I blind? An Idiot? (you're probably nodding yes, but cut me some slack =P ) any suggestions on where to find something to identify this thing with? I'll do the research myself, I just need a starting point.

Thanks so much for any help!

A bit of detail and some good quality pictures would help.

oh, i was hoping there was just a general location for the serial number, i guess i'm wrong? i'll see if i can get a hold of a camera.

Samicks are made in Korea (you may have heard that they also made Epiphones and numerous other brands) but Samick more recently have an Indonesian facility as Korea now gets relatively pricey. Is there "made in Korea" etched into the lacquer on the back of the headstock? Unfortunately, Korean components (like potentiometers) don't have date codes on them like American pots do. Very difficult to date a Samick, except by looking at model details against catalogue models.

The only thing old about my guitars is the player behind them! :lol: :lol: :lol:

I've recently had passed down to me a Gordon Smith GS.2.60 electric guitar - it's in very good condition - hardly been used - serial number's 08290 - I was wondering whether anyone could tell me how much it's worth?

thanks for any help

It's probably worth making this thread a sticky Mike, I'd forgotten all about it.

good idea!

i have a quest (by vantage i think) atak 1 japanese electric guitar. i believe it was manufactured in the (late?) seventies. it has a modern, angular body and unusualy a humbucking pick up at the neck as opposed to the bridge position where there is a single coil.
does anyone have any other info on this guitar? what might it have cost at the time of manufacture and what is it worth today?

thanks-in anticipation, for your reply!
jonathan-york, england

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