2007 Ugliest Guitars - Your Nominations

Votes are now in for what you think is this years worst.

Can you beat the MTV guitar or Giant hairy penis guitar?

Take a look at these threads:

The Worst Colour/Finish/Detail on a guitar - Ever. Pt.2

DEFINITELY the worst guitar ever!!!

(Guitar must have been posted after 31 OCtober 2006)

As always, winners will be posted on Halloween.

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how many can we choose? how do we vote? so many questions!!

Well I'm not entirely sure... but you can choose as many or as little as you like. and you can either tell me the post number for the guitar or maybe just a direct link to the image.

Of those I've submitted recently, I would again like to make a case for the following. The pictures speak for themselves.

This one:

This one:

This one, of course (surely a winner?):

glw wrote:

This guitar comes equipped with a samurai sword!

And who could forget Dobbin:

I haven't rummaged through the Nov 2006 - Oct 2007 examples yet, but I wouldn't quibble if all of those glw finds made the top ten. Disgusting, each and every one.

From a quick flick, I'd also like to nominate glw's "Boss-ted" Telecaster, Mike's Toilet Bowl and, if I may, the "dead cat bounce" fur-covered Dean I spotted on Fleeb (http://i9.photobucket.com/albums/a76/guitarczar/fur1.jpg).

All taken from the "worst finish" thread.

A quick scan of "definitely" suggests any and all of the "Carverdoug" monstrosities (Lennon perhaps the worst) and glw's Coral Reef thing, along with Lee's Space-Rocket find.

OK Mike these are my favs from the past 12 months, a lot are sadly not here any more as people tend to post links to ebay and not upload them to imageshack and link them in.
anyway, you said we can have as many as we want, these are my highlights, glw seems to be the best finder, and i found it difficult trying to dig out the worst, it was a toss up between 1bassleft and glw's 'dobbin' but 1bassleft just nicked it, his one is the one on the bottom of this list.

Cracking effort from everyone though.

from glw



1Bassleft this one C/O plexipalce forum..

This one is my all time favourite, had me in tears for ages.
Well done 1bassleft for this all time classic.

I like to try and imagine these things onstage, in action, hence, for pure wtf value 'The Samurai' has to get my vote...You could stand at the back of a packed gig with a few thousand people pogo-ing in front of you and still say with all confidence: "That is one butt-ugly guitar"

I don't think the "golf dad guitar" will win. Lee and I are parents as well as sons. We can look at this guitar and realize the truly awful gut-feeling of poor Jordan as he stumps up a probably significant sum of money for this horror. That's nothing compared to the feeling as, surrounded by family and "Happy nth Birthday" bunting, he hands it over to his dad. As Aunt Mabel gasps, Jordan's dad has to pretend he is overcome with emotion, whilst wondering if he really looks like a cerebrally-damaged half-wit in real life. The only thing close that you youngsters will understand is Steve Martin's performance in Housesitter, when he is pushed into doing "Tula Lula" to his dad. Incredibly, it's the only clip from the film that has been uploaded onto YooToob; and is all the better for being the Italian version:

Good heavens.. I had not seen the Golf Dad guitar! Wtf! How could I have missed it.

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