Need Help Identifying a Charvel Guitar

Here's what I know about it:

  • Made in the 80's
  • Strat type body shape
  • Fire Crackle Finish (Black and Orange / Red)
  • Tremolo System - Not sure if it's a Floyd Rose or not
  • 7-digit serial number starts with C80
  • Neck through body - Serial number on last fret confirms this
  • 24 frets
  • Single pickup - humbucker in bridge postion
  • Don't know direction / shape of headstock
  • Single know - dunno if it's volume or tone - I'm guessing volume
  • Dark fretboard

As far as condition, the finish looks clean. There is crud around the pickup mounting and adjustment screws, the bridge adjusting screws and the micro tuning screws. The fretboard is very dried out. Obviously, if I but this, it will make it's first stop at my guitar guy for a setup and some much-needed TLC!

Any help on model and possible value would be appreciated.



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Hey MrWannabe,

Sounds like a Charvel Model 1 to me.

You can check out the guitar catalogs at if you want to get a more specific ID. sb

Good to see you back around SB.

I tried indentifying a Charvel once... took me 8 hours and I still don't think we ever found out the exact model.

Thanks for the welcome back. It's about all I can do these days to keep my Forum running but I do enjoy you fellas at Guitar Site. Every time I visit you make me laugh out loud.

I know your pain, but I have assembled a fairly decent collection of 1980's Charvel literature at VintAxe. I'm convinced MrWannabe has a Model 1 but he will need to dig deeper if he is interested in specifics.

I am hesitant to quote prices these days since value is strongly influenced by where you happen to live in the world. In the US, the Model 1 is valued around $350-$400 but that may not be true in other regions.

BTW, loved your "Ugly Guitar" competion. I plan to enter next year.


Thanks for the input. From the input on other boards and additional research on my part, I think it's a 5A. The only differences between the pic below and the git I'm looking at are the finsh and the one I'm looking at doesn't have the white marking on the pickup cover.

Yeah, the picture certainly helps.

The double dot inlays at the last fret indicate a Model 5A. sb

I'll also add my delight at seeing SB again. Always a handy and unselfish source of axe-knowledge. Somewhere in your vast store of cats there must be a contender for "ugly guitar 2008". Failing that, the terrible "Tokai is coming" ad campaign.

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