Fender Santa Rosa

Just bought used Santa Rosa and have a couple questions about it.The guitar had elec guitar strings on it.But with the pizo pickup under the saddle should it have elec or acoustic strings on it.Also the volume seems to drop off a bit on the high strings is this prob a product of this pickup.Anyone out there have 1 of these..Guitar plays great!

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Welcome, Gibby :)

I don't have that guitar, but (because piezo bridges don't rely on magnetism) steel, phosphor bronze or nylon strings are all useable. I'm assuming that it's a Fishman-style under saddle pup and the frequency response of these units is so wide that there shouldn't be any treble rolloff if properly installed. Does a twiddle on the EQ help?

The only two things I can think of are (1) you're using a guitar amp that's emphasizing the mids too much. They sound better through the PA. (2) Possibly the pup is not sitting totally snugly under the bridge and this is causing a poor response to the upper strings. For more info about this, check out this site and head for "String-sensitive vibration pickups"


Thanks for the reply.I think the prob is the saddle not settin correct..Again thank you..

You're welcome, Gibby.

As you'll have read from the link I posted, getting this problem sorted is not expensive. Just make sure you're not quoted some ridiculous price for a fix if you do decide to have it looked at.

Replacement piezo Santa Rosa

I have a problem on lower strings sounding muffled. I wanting to replace the pickup. Any recommendations or source?

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