What makes a good guitar store?

What seperates the wheat from the chaff when it comes to guitar shops in your town? Obviously customer service is the main thing, but what keeps your loyalty with one particular shop!? Ive been using the same shop for years now as it is a nice, clean atmosphere and they know me on first name terms! I like that!

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I once went to Volt music store in Brentwood and played a Gibson ES335 Cherry, it had the spilt paralellagram inlays, and was an original 1967 model, it was up for £4,250, and i had the owner of the shop standing over me, and the assitant guarding the door! what service that was, real make you feel at home kind of atmosphere!


A simular thing happened to me at Music Ground. They had one of the last Guild Brian May guitars in the UK on display. I picked it up, strummed it, remarked to the guy that it was really nice. "Yes" he said as he took it from my hands and placed it back on the hook! I was only about 16 at the time, but at that point I had a larger disposable income than i do now and already had a Gibo LP, Patrick Eggle and Vox AC30. Needless to say I have never been back! Mansons In Exeter have the right idea-well worth a visit! Cranes in Cardiff are good too!

There is a shop up in the north part of Essex called Peaches, and the guy has one of those glass cabinets, like in Waynes World, he has 3 £10,000 + custom shop guitars in there, usualy Strats and PRS, there are 2 armed guards on patrol with rotweilers walking up and down the cabinet, and a machine gun nest with searchlights.....well maybe not, but there is a sign,
'Ask For Assistance' which is a nice way of putting it.


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