Amp modding 101

This guy is an artist
Neatly label and route the wires

How to keep an expensive original head box cool so as to retain it's value

How to find room to add all the gizmos and doodads to the irreplacable front panel

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Crikey, myfoot, I've seen some bastardized Superleads but that doesn't just take the biscuit; it snatches it with all incisors and swallows without even touching the molars. Does M Kelley chew a lot of gum? Hundreds and hundreds of pounds (x2 for $) has been wiped off its untouched value.

Full credit to the seller for their uneasy, "ermm, you might be able to reverse this" description. My one favourite line in the whole descn is this:

The extent of the modification is a little beyond our understanding

and, indeed, anyone else's :shock:

Nice touch with the Dymo tape gun on the front panel, real classy touch, overall a real stunner.

Yep, it would have been worth a whole lot more untouched than it wil ever be now. However there are a few people at meroamp forums eyeballing it for parts if it goes low enough. Looks like the trannys are original and you couldl clean up the board and put it in a rebuildable one.
Also there is enough lamp cord in there to wire up a faulty lamp or two as well.

Also there is enough lamp cord in there to wire up a faulty lamp or two as well.

:lol: . Yep, if you're not too fussy about cotton-wool originality (and I'm not) and handy with the solder (again, unfortunately, I'm not) then it would be tempting to revert back to its intended sound if the price is right.

I can't believe this went for $1425 !! No way it's worth that. Well I hope whoever got it enjoys it.

Over 700 quid :shock: ? That's just silly. You can get a SuperPA for that, and it would be a lot less of a tweak.

you never can tell.
One mans junk is anothers restoration project.

I have a friend that did this to a '73 super lead, I don't get it. I have a '68 super bass that is as close to stock as it gets (added a grounded cord, and adjustable bias) no one will ever touch it beyond that.


Our Bass man Gary has an original superbass, i sometimes play through it, and it is a very nice amp.

I'm impressed ..restoration in progress :D

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