Seeking info on Mako guitars

I have a Mako LC-3 mutant starfish. My questions are:

Qhat year were these made? (I have had mine since 1986.)

Where were they manufactured?

Is this company still around?

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Mako guitars were discussed here on Guitarsite:

so have a read through the thread and replies. Also, one of our contributors, SB, runs the Vintaxe website and he has Mako catalogs of the 80s that you may want to view. He charges a small registration fee (he has to buy these catalogs, and pay for web space, after all) but it's well worth it for people looking for more info on their oddball classics.

Thanks for the endorsement 1BL.

I haven't been able to turn up much solid information on the Mako brand Pavon9e, so here's what I know plus some speculation.

I do know in the US the Mako brand was distributed by Kaman, a huge outfit.

To me, Mako gutars have alway resembled Hondo instruments so my hunch is they too were produced in Korea. Given they were made in the mid to late 1980's a good guess would be that they were built by Samick who produced the largest quantities of lower-end instruments at the time.

Of course, Samick is still in business, but I'd be surprised if anyone in the current company remembers Mako. sb

Mako LC-3 Starfish

If you, or anyone you know has one of these, I would like to buy it. That guitar was my very first, and I’ve been trying to find one. I bought mine in a music store in Victorville, CA, and let a friend borrow it, and he pawned it. Guess he needed money that bad. I loved that guitar. Please let me know where I can find one!

Are you still looking for one of these?

I just picked one up on a lark. But if I'm to sell it, I should do so promptly, before I get attached to it.

For whatever it's worth, I'm already enjoying playing around with it, and it's still pretty grubby and in need of love.

Are you still looking for one of these?

I aquired one recently that I'd consider selling before I become too attached to it.

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