Kasim Sulton Signature Model Bass Guitar by Archer

This is mainly to Oz but if anyone knows more than what few pages are on the net about this bass please let me know.

Just bought the thing used. Guess it is a early one because it was made in the USA.EMG's , good hardware , blah,blah,blah.

I own over 100 basses-------------------- and I know who Kasim Sultan is---------- but I know very little about this bass------------ except it is FABULOUS !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! 8)

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Hi Jimmy, sorry to take so long but my appalling internet access and general lack of free time, yadda yadda.

I didn't know a thing about the bass until you mentioned it so I just searched it as you have. The "road test" page hasn't been updated since 2007, which is a bit remiss of Archer. As far as I could see, info about where it's made is pretty sketchy but the implication was Milwaukee. Their other basses are low-priced P and J copies so they must use foreign builders, though. At $500 for a new one, it does look like they must be made in Korea or suchlike nowadays.

Hey Oz !!!!!!!!!!

The bass I bought was in fact a "proto" type and was made in the USA. It plays and sounds great. My additional digging for info showed me that after the proto types were done, most all of the production models were made in China after the first run being built in Korea.

Mine is indeed a great bass. From what I read, the model is no longer nade.

Good to hear from you Oz !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! 8)

That's nice. From reading, it looks like they did spend a good year with him taking it on the road and tweaking it which just wouldn't have been viable unless they had a small number of essentially hand-made ones to work on in Milwaukee. Once everything was sorted, then they could run off the volumes in Asia.

Always good to have something with history and a prototype quite probably saw action with him at some point. Have you read elsewhere here of the contributor with a MM Stingray lead guitar number 003? Great story to that one, too - I hope he writes in some more about it.

Sorry for the late rply OZ----------- yes I haveread about the MM you speak of----------- very interesting. Reminds me of the MM Stingray I bought new in L.A. in 1975. Deep Gold finish (which did not appear in the line till much later) and the pickup placed about one inch farther toward the neck. Sounded great !!!!!!!!!!!! I traded it to a guy for a 68 Tele Bass in 1980. have heard he still owns it and has put some pics up on the net on some Vintage sites,but I can't find it.

I have also been told that the Stingray did nt hit the streets till 1976. The Telecater Bass I traded for is very cool, I still own it and play it a lot. Had it verified by some guy in Arizona as one f the first of the 68 Tele Bass re issues and actually built with old 50's parts that were "laying around"-------but still wish I still had the Stingray !!!!!!!!!!!!!

PLAY THAT BASS OZ !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Jimmy Lloyd Rea 8)

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